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Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero

The summer sun’s return to New York City thrills me beyond reason. Firstly, it means my months of hibernation are finally over. Secondly, it means I can return to my go-to wardrobe: denim, chambray, tees, and joggers – thank the heavens above! I snagged this pair at Aero a few weeks back and have to admit I’m hooked; I ended up buying three more pairs in a few colors and a pretty wicked camouflage pattern.

Joggers have always been one of my favorite options for fanning out my wardrobe during the spring and summer months. They’re often an inexpensive way to up the ante and add a sporty casual edge to your look. I paired this Aeropostale pair with a three-quarters length raglan tee and my Michael Bastian denim jacket. Nothing extra spectacular about the styling of this look but it’s very “me” – clean, classic, and casual. (My three favorite “C” words aside from “chocolate croissant” of course.)

So what are your take on joggers… Are you for them? Are you against them? Either way, try them out because they’re definitely a game-changer for any style conscious guy!

Aeropostale Joggers / Aeropostale Shirt / Michael Bastian Jacket / Frank & Oak Sneakers

Whiskey Pockets

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Scout Sixteen - Whiskey Accessories

I’ve been a ‘whiskey guy’ for as long as I can remember. If liquor preference is something you inherit, I certainly inherited it from my grandfather. Most nights he would sit on his front porch enjoying insightful sips of Jameson while (likely) passing judgement on the state of neighbor’s yards; his yard was stuff of legend. It’s no surprise that – like my favorite libation – I also love whiskey-colored accessories. I recently picked up this spectacular wallet from VIANEL. This old-fashioned pocket-filler is edged with a punch of neon blue, which sends it right up my alley. VIANEL graciously engraved mine with my initials (in gold foil, of course). What’s even better is my new wallet makes a perfect complement to my Mujjo iPhone case. All hail the return of whiskey-colored accessories… now I’m jonesing for a drink. [sigh]

VIANEL Wallet | Mujjo iPhone 6 Plus Case

Shades of Blue

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Scout Sixteen - Shades of Blue Scout Sixteen - Shades of Blue Scout Sixteen - Shades of Blue

I live in shades of blue and I’m more than content with that. Navy, chambray, indigo, and cerulean, any shade’ll do. I discovered my love of blue a few years back when a stranger complimented the way the color complemented my skin tone. From the day forward, I was an official convert and my wardrobe soon reflected it. I’ve learned to balance that obsession with other colors from the primary spectrum but when I can wear blue, I will.

What’s your favorite color to wear? Are you a blue addict as well?

Zara Jacket (similar) | Simon Miller Shirt | AG Jeans | Converse Sneakers | Thrifted Beanie (similar)

Prints Charming

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Scout Sixteen - Alfred dunhill Scout Sixteen - Alfred dunhill Scout Sixteen - Alfred dunhill Scout Sixteen - Alfred dunhill Scout Sixteen - Alfred dunhill Scout Sixteen - Alfred dunhill

As one whose wardrobe is the Switzerland equivalent of neutral, it may come as a surprise that I’m a sucker for mixing prints. The harmonious cacophony of pairing two loud prints in one look thrills me; I can’t explain this desire. What I can explain is that I’ve always loved tropical locations (I’m actually headed to Thailand in a couple of days!) so tropical-themed prints have always appealed to me. Now, I’m not talking about the gaudy prints your Uncle Carl used to wear to family reunions. A tropical print is a balanced art between the exotic flora and fauna that swirl in aesthetic discord around your garment and the playful ease with which you can pair said garment with other “normal” items in your wardrobe.

I know a good tropical print when I see one – and thankfully I was seeing double in these two pieces from Alfred dunhill. You may remember a few months back when I partnered with the storied British luxury brand for a swanky in-store event. I’ve had my eye closely on the brand ever since. dunhill’s Spring/Summer collection is impeccable – and I think it goes without saying that the tropical printed pieces immediately won over my heart.

What do you think of mixing prints? Would you wear this look? Either way, see more from dunhill’s collection online or head on over to their like-worthy Instagram.

dunhill Shirt | dunhill Swim Short | Frank & Oak Sneakers

Freakin Weekend / 13

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Scout SIxteen - Freakin Weekend 13

I’m basically living out of suitcase at the moment. I’ve been back in New York for two days (after an 8-day excursion along the West Coast) and I’m already up to my neck in overdue deadlines. Oops! It doesn’t help my productivity knowing that I’m leaving for a 12-day ‘bucket list trip’ across Thailand on Sunday. My procrastination levels are at an all-time high right now but I’m attempting to push through it… unsuccessfully. I hope your week has been exponentially more productive, but if you’re in my same boat then here are a few of my favorite links to stave off that workload a little longer. Enjoy!

Cream cheese, avocado, and a bagel – has there ever been a more delectable combination? Get in my mouth.

Perfect summery outfit: this shirt + these shorts + this floral sneaker. YES!

If you’re looking for a small camera bag, this one is pretty wicked. I have it in the smoke color.

I’m dying over these modernist side tables. Why can’t I be rich with a big, beautiful home?!

Been listening to my current playlist non-stop. And Hilary Duff makes a surprise cameo, because duh.

Want to know how I schedule my blog posts and social media? Here it is.

Love my friend Patrick’s new venture, The Liquor Cabinet.

Hand pies are a thing and I really want it to be a thing I’m into.

Remember when I wore this floral shirt and it went viral? I need to wear it more, apparently.

This green mud mask isn’t just for ladies – and I’m telling you it’s a miracle worker!

Just picked up this kickass weekender bag. It’s my new favorite.

Really loving all the inspiration in this post. Gimme.

Loved this cheeky article from the New York Times on how to scrub in the shower… like a man.

I’m learning how to cook pork chops in the oven perfectly – and you should, too!

These sneakers are pricey but the elevated sole is just perfection.

Here’s a checklist of ways to be more emotionally intelligent. Educating myself right now, to be honest.

photo by Pinterest

Onward Pounce

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Scout Sixteen - PUMA x Ferrari Scout Sixteen - PUMA x Ferrari Scout Sixteen - PUMA x Ferrari Scout Sixteen - PUMA x Ferrari Scout Sixteen - PUMA x Ferrari Scout Sixteen - PUMA x Ferrari

Every time I say “spring has sprung in New York,” I’m rudely corrected by Mother Nature. It’s like a constant April Fool’s Day joke. One warm day will be followed by a week of frigid weather. With that said, I’m content with layering up on those cold days because I’m off to sunnier places soon. Yesterday, it was a bit chillier than I hoped but I braved the weather to shoot this look with my lovely favorite Serena Goh (from The Spicy Stiletto). I’ve actually never owned a white jacket before so I’ve had fun styling this PUMA x Ferrari windbreaker with some of my favorite spring-y pieces.

This jacket – along with the tee and sneakers – is from the latest collaborative collection between PUMA and Ferrari. The two iconic brands are celebrating their 10th Anniversary with this PUMA Ferrari Anniversary collection by releasing archived styles, classic silhouettes, and performance-driven lifestyle pieces for Spring/Summer 2015. I’ve always been a fan of sporty pieces that I can seamlessly weave into my casual everyday wardrobe and these pieces are no exception. In addition to the white jacket, I’ve toyed with the idea of black sneakers but have found they typically fall flat. I think PUMA got these right with a perfect balance between super sporty and casual comfort (and boy… are they comfortable!).

You can check out the full collection over on PUMA and Ferrari. What do you think? Would you wear them?

Jacket | T-Shirt | Uniqlo Trousers | PUMA Sneakers

Music Monday / 14

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Scout Sixteen - Music Monday / 14

I’m a little late on this Music Monday but better late than never, right? Let’s just agree that I’m still a good blogger even with my lack of posting lately. I could blame my schedule but we’re all busy as f*ck so I’ll refrain from complaining. That said, this playlist edges a little less refined than normal to compensate for this past week of craziness. So take the next few days, toss on your favorite headphones, and jam out to some of my favorite songs of the week!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Spotify profile to stay up-to-date on all my playlists. Have a song I should hear? Email me with your suggestion!


Kucka - “Divinity (Mazde Remix)”

The Weeknd - “Often (Kygo Remix)”

Purity Ring - “repitition”

Sivik – “High”

Tinashe ft Iggy Azalea - “All Hands on Deck”

Hilary Duff - “Sparks”

Mother Mother - “Get Out The Way”

MGK - “A Little More”

Kaskade - “Never Sleep Alone”

Matt Woods - “Impression”

MAX ft. Hoodie Allen - “Gibberish”

MS MR - “Painted”

Elijah Blake - “I Just Wanna…”

Jess Glynne - “Hold My Hand”

GTA ft. Sam Bruno - “Red Lips”

Andy Grammer - “Honey, I’m Good”

Zak Waters - “Pony”

Image via FriChic

Piqué Position

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Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo Scout Sixteen - Lacoste Polo

Growing up, it was rare not to see my father sporting a polo shirt. It was the early 90s and the polo shirt was having a major revival – as it would again in the early 00s when you’d wear two at-a-time collars high.  A rainbow of colors peppered his otherwise neutral wardrobe.

Every morning when he’d wake me for school, I’d sit transfixed on the crocodile embroidered on his shirts. I’d create elaborate explanations for why he chose the crocodile as his personal crest – maybe he was secretly a croc hunter or possibly moonlighting as a zookeeper. Little did I know, it was simply that he was a “Lacoste guy” – a champion for one his favorite brands.

Years later, I would use my own hard-earned summer salary to purchase my first Lacoste L.12.12 piqué polo shirt. It was bright red and fit like a glove. I’d collect two or three more over the following months, igniting a bit of an obsession.

Lacoste has been a brand close to my heart and I’ve loved seeing its evolution over the last two decades. This year, Lacoste released the Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune cologne, which brings the spirit of the classic L12.12 polo shirt to life. Inspired by health, rejuvenation, and vitality, the Jaune cologne is an energizing addition to the already-iconic L.12.12 collection and makes the perfect complement to my fast-paced lifestyle.

Over the past few months, I’ve felt so incredibly worn-down and stressed from a chaotic schedule. This month, I started using the L.12.12 Jaune to jumpstart my morning; it’s key ingredients (like tonic water, coriander, and grapefruit) contain restorative health benefits. Keeping my days healthy and optimistic are paramount and adding the L.12.12 Jaune to my daily regimen was one of my smartest moves of 2015.

I’d encourage each of you to try it out. If you think a scent can’t energize your day, you clearly haven’t tried L.12.12 Jaune. Get on it, friends!

Lacoste Mint Polo / Lacoste Yellow Polo / Lacoste Trousers / Lacoste Sneakers / Jaune Cologne