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Canon - Project Imagination

“Cinematic” has always been one of my favorite adjectives; it is one of the few words shrouded in both mystery and certainty. Critics and layman alike employ the word to elevate the essence of a moment from “on the street” to “on the screen.” With that one word, you can turn an everyday gal into a screen goddess and run-of-the-mill guy into a legend.

Films have played one of the most important roles in the history of creative arts. The ability to turn passing thoughts or wild fantasies into full-fledged motion pictures is astonishing.  I’ve had a fascination with film for as long as I can remember – and it’s often the trailers that bait me in. The way a filmmaker and editor can imbue a few minutes of my time with an insatiable emotion still mesmerize me. If anything, the trailer is one of the most important parts of the film – the trailer is the ultimate deal breaker for an audience with shortening attention spans.

I was so pleased to partner with Canon last year on their Bring It Tour. This year, Canon is out to prove that anything in life can become a movie… and your everyday moments can even inspire one! Canon’s newly launched Trailer Editor tool allows users of all skill levels, even those who have never picked up a camera before, to easily turn everyday photo and video footage into a movie trailer, with titles, Hollywood style voice-overs and epic soundtracks. Using the tool, you can either auto-generate a trailer, or use the advanced features for editing. Or if you already have a cut trailer, you can upload yours directly to the site.

This season marks legendary actor and director Ron Howard’s third iteration of partnering with Canon for Project Imagination and the first time for actor Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games franchise. Together, Ron and Josh will select one winning trailer, which will inspire a Hollywood short film, in which Josh will star and produce.

So to all the budding filmmakers out there or those of you who just want to be heard, this is an incredible opportunity to turn your fantasy into cinematic reality. Submissions start today and continue to 4/29. For a bit of inspiration, check out the movie trailer below, “Random Dance” from Daniel Gustafsson– can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Watch Out

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Scout Sixteen - Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol

Few things make me feel more naked and exposed than when I’m not wearing a watch. My bare wrist sits there wishing I hadn’t been so neglectful – making existential inquiries now that I’ve stripped it of time-keeping duties.

“Am I no longer an active cog in this mortal machine?”

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often. I rarely (read as: almost never) leave the house without going through a mental checklist: wallet, keys, phone, watch. The four tools for my day to be both productive and fairly stress-free. My watch collection is pretty extensive; however, like in many areas of my style – I tend to gravitate toward the same two or three pieces. Until recently, my seven-year-old Timex Weekender watch was a daily staple. Last week, I snagged my second Daniel Wellington watch (… my first was stolen at the gym last year).

I opted for the Classic Bristol because of its beautifully timeless design and transitional style qualities. The dark mahogany tones of the leather strap hint at an ageless opulence while the minimalist design of the case and dial prove timeless can certainly be modern.

If you want one of your own, use the code “JUSTINLIV” for 15% off your order. Let’s be style twins, shop the collection here.

Hit The Deck

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Scout Sixteen - Nordstrom NikeScout Sixteen - Nordstrom Nike Scout Sixteen - Nordstrom Nike

I’m on the cusp of Day #2 here in Los Angeles and I couldn’t be happier with my mini-vacation out here. I spent the day exploring West Hollywood and Beverly Hills with some friends – and stopped by this amazing city park located on (get this…) the roof of Restoration Hardware on Melrose Avenue.

Ditching my coats and layers for shorts and tees, I paired my casual staples with one of my favorite sporty sneakers of the season! These Nike Janoski sneakers I snagged at Nordstrom are nothing short of perfect… they’re stylish, functional, and affordable. Nordstrom carries a wide variety of Nike gear but my favorite options tend to be the compression pieces and stellar sneaker assortment!

I’ve included some of my favorite options below in case you want to check it out:

Nike Sneakers | Altru Apparel Shirt | Topman Short

Photographer’s Delight

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Scout Sixteen - Photographer Pant Scout Sixteen - Photographer Pant Scout Sixteen - Photographer Pant Scout Sixteen - Photographer Pant Scout Sixteen - Photographer Pant Scout Sixteen - Photographer Pant

I’ve always had a voracious appetite for photography. Growing up, I would sit for hours devouring my dad’s collection of National Geographic issues. As I got older, I experimented with photography in the most basic way I could – with disposable cameras. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually purchased my first proper professional camera.

I didn’t know much about the ins and outs of photography but I was eager to learn. I spent every weekend roaming the City looking for hidden gems; looking to capture moments of time that I didn’t want to forget. When I started my blog in 2012, I had no intention of having my photography seen anywhere outside of the radius of my Facebook friend group. It’s wild to see how photography has deeply rooted itself in my everyday life.

I love that ice breaker question, “If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be?” … I’d honestly have to say my camera. Few other personal items in my life have had greater effect or brought more joy than my Nikon.

For this apt look, I paired my new EXPRESS drawstring Photographer Pant with some of my favorite basics and a striped knit tie. I love the fact that these dress pants can transition so easily between work and play – loosen that work-appropriate tie and pop on a sweater for happy hour drinks! See more options here.


Photographer Pant / Black Blazer (similar) / Denim Shirt (similar) / Knit Tie / Grey Socks / White Sneakers

Mind The Gap

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Scout Sixteen - Mind The Gap Scout Sixteen - Mind The Gap Scout Sixteen - Mind The Gap Scout Sixteen - Mind The Gap Scout Sixteen - Mind The Gap Scout Sixteen - Mind The Gap Scout Sixteen - Mind The Gap

It was the first day of high school, which for Harding Academy meant seventh grade. Close to a thousand students were maneuvering the hallways and I stood still as a statue completely dumbfounded by the scene. They were all there – jocks, science geeks, cheerleaders, and band “nerds” – it was like my favorite shows from Nickelodeon were alive in the flesh. An eighth-grader named Jamie was walking toward me; I had been informed during summer that she was the prettiest girl in junior high. And she was walking toward… me!

“You’re new here, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I mustered. “How could you tell?”

She pointed down at my oversized khakis, which buckled heavily at my ankles around my two-sizes-too-big blue oxford shoes. “Well, you left the sizing stickers on your pants and the tag is still stuck to the side.”

Khakis have always been a staple in my wardrobe, even when they’ve been the subject of some pretty serious embarrassment; I always stock a traditional pair and a navy pair. Gap recently released one of my new favorite pairs! The New Gap Khaki is fighting wrinkles with innovative 2-Ply Cotton fabric and tailored proportions. If you’re a chino-aholic like me, then look no further; I’ve found our new favorite pair!

I paired my navy khakis with a killer striped shirt from Armani Exchange, puffer vest from Uniqlo, and an old denim jacket from Gap. Would you wear this look?

Gap Khaki | Armani Exchange Button Down | Uniqlo Puffer Vest | Gap Denim Jacket | Frank & Oak Sneakers | Armani Exchange Knit Cap

Village Voice

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DSC_3160 Scout Sixteen - Village Voice Scout Sixteen - Village Voice Scout Sixteen - Village Voice Scout Sixteen - Village Voice

The chaos is soon to begin; twice each year, New York Fashion Week descends on the City. Fashion insiders (and all manner of style-obsessed creatures) come out of the woodwork to preview collections for the upcoming season. While I thoroughly enjoy NYFW, I don’t allow myself to drink too much of the Kool-Aid.

Getting the chance to stock up on zen moments around the East Village is a rare but necessary necessity for me, especially as I’m soon to dive head-first into NYFW. I was happy to mosey around some of the boutique shops in the East Village with my friend Serena – who also shot these photos for me. I recently snagged these Calvin Klein platform oxfords from OAK NYC (at 60% off too!) and paired them with one of my favorite knit sweaters from Topman and a pair of pale pink pants from Uniqlo.

What do you think of this look?

Topman Sweater | Uniqlo Chinos | Calvin Klein Shoes

Travel Sounds

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Scout Sixteen - Travel Sounds

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a lot. Sometimes I feel like I’m skipping rocks while I’m jumping from one hotel to the next; I feel like I’m in the air more than I’m actually on the ground. Music has always been such a defining influence in my life, and this is especially true when I’m traveling. I figured I’d share one of my favorite current playlists with you – this is what I  listen to when I need to relax.

Toss on your favorite headphones and let this chill indie electronic and pop mix soothe those bones…

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Getaway Guy

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Scout Sixteen - Getaway Guy Scout Sixteen - Getaway Guy

It’s official – I’m back on the grind after a long, glorious week in the Dominican Republic. I think I can safely say my body is the most exhausted it has been since my 21st birthday. But what can you do – the piña coladas weren’t going to drink themselves. I was so excited to bring along my new JADEtribe Maroc Weekender from Accompany! From the moment my eyes fell on this beautiful bag, I was hooked. It’s handwoven from Kilim textile and – not so surprisingly – one of a kind. It’s comes in black and blue, but I didn’t have a tan travel bag at home so I opted for it instead. (Ps – Accompany has so many other amazing products. Not sure if you’ve ever checked them out but they’re certainly worth a look. They stock an incredible curation of ethically-sourced items from around the globe!)

I’m so happy to be back and getting myself prepared for what will be one hell of a month. Between Fashion Week and a few travel opportunities, I’m going to stay quite the busy bee in February. Can’t wait to share the journey with you guys here and over on my Instagram!

JADEtribe Weekender | Frank & Oak Hoodie | APC Jeans | Axel Arigato Sneakers