Take The Crown

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Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches

“Where in the world do you keep all of your clothes? I thought New York apartments were small.” This (or some variation of it) is the most common question I get regarding my job. While I do own an unnatural amount of denim, it is a common misconception that I shop constantly. In reality, I’m always on the hunt for pieces that can have longevity in my wardrobe. I like buying pieces that I can easily mix-and-match with what I’ve already got.

Recently, I picked up this incredible timepiece from Coach and – if I’m being honest – I haven’t taken it off since. I’m a sucker for sporty minimalism and an earthy color palette, so this watch was the perfect choice. Since I love to mix-and-match, I thought it would be fun to show how versatile this Coach watch is through four different looks, including the one I’m wearing above. Whether you’re off to work, exploring the farmer’s market on the weekend, or racing to meet a friend for happy hour drinks, this Coach watch sets the pace for a stylish day. Which of these #TimeForCoach looks below is your favorite?

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Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches

Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches

Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches

Time To Work

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Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches Scout Sixteen - Coach Watches

For any young professional, time management is tough to tackle. With the innovations and advancements in tech media, our lives are constantly bombarded with digital stimuli; it doesn’t take much to detour your day. Distractions like Buzzfeed, Instagram, and others offer an express ride down the rabbit hole. While very few truly master time management, I thought I’d put together a short list of tips that have helped me stay on and begin the long journey towards time management, albeit very slowly.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Say “No”

One of the most challenging aspects of the workforce in your 20’s is feeling the demand to ‘prove yourself.’ You think by accepting more work than, say, your coworker, you are validating your work ethic. In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Know your limits; don’t be afraid to say “No”. Overloading your professional plate will do more harm than good. It’s not how much you get done that shows ethic, it’s how well you’re doing the work.

  1. Playing Singles

You’ve likely heard this from every professor you’ve had: you accomplish more by dividing one large task into many smaller tasks. Seems crazy, right? Well, it’s true. Your brain manages a process best by allowing it “little wins”. Plan, then execute. Then plan some more, then execute further. Divide that intimidating project your manager gave you last week into 20 single tasks. Ask yourself what pieces are needed to complete the whole. Plan, then execute. Then plan some more, then execute further. Gain momentum. Believe me – you’ll be all smiles as you consistently check items off the task list!

  1. Keep Your Personal Life Out of It

This may seem like common sense, but leave the personal drama at home. The influential French author Gustav Flaubert once said, “Be regular and orderly in your life so you may be violent and original in your work.” When your personal life isn’t a complete mess, you won’t feel as distracted in the workplace. Tidy up any loose ends before heading into the office – I promise it will greatly improve your productivity!

  1. 20 Min or Bust

This tip is pretty simple. It takes more than 20 minutes to start a task, re-file it and begin another. Productivity relies heavily on your momentum, which is why having larger projects divided into smaller tasks works so well. The longer a project takes, the more it drains your morale. By collecting those “little wins” throughout the day, you’re far less likely to crave a distraction!

  1. Wear A Watch

It’s rare that I’m caught without a watch. It has become one of the most integral parts of my productivity. I assign my tasks fairly strict time limits so I focused throughout the day. You don’t need all the bells and whistles, just a timepiece that can serve your needs during the work-day. I recently picked up this handsome watch from COACH – minimal, stylish, and light as a feather. I love that it not only adds style to my workspace, but it also helps to accelerate my momentum. You should never have to guess what time it is – wear a watch, save yourself the minutes.

  1. Manage Your Energy

It’s important that you give yourself breaks throughout the day because – look – we’re only human. During my work week, I give myself two 30-minute breaks and 3 ten-minute breaks. In my half-hour breaks, I’ll run an errand, watch a TED talk, text a friend… whatever I need to do to relax my mind. In my 10-minute breaks, I’ll always step away from my desk, stretch my legs, and just breathe. Breaks are as important as the tasks at hand. You wouldn’t drive a car without gas, so don’t push your body and mind beyond their limits either.

I hope these top-level tips help to eliminate some of the stress and cacophony of your profession. Work-life balance is an important part of your overall happiness and satisfaction, so don’t forget to put the work away and enjoy your evenings.

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This post was sponsored by COACH watches and the #TimeForCoach campaign. In this post, I’m wearing the Bleecker Slim Watch in gold featuring a black leather strap. You can shop the full collection of COACH timepieces here. Which one is your favorite?

Denim On Denim

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Scout Sixteen - Gap x GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap x GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap x GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap x GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap x GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap x GQ

Well guys, the wait is almost over… the GQ collection for Gap, crafted by this year’s reigning class of the Best New Menswear Designers of America (BNMDA) will hit the web and stores across the country starting tomorrow, September 29th! I had such a blast collaborating with GQ and Gap again this year to highlight the amazing designers, which included: NSF, Stamp’d LA, The Hill-Side, and David Hart.

As you know, GQ chooses four standout favorites menswear designers to create a collaborative capsule collections for GAP’s men’s offering. I’m so excited for you guys to see the full collection – you can get a sneak peek in GQ’s photo gallery here.

Which pieces are your favorite?


Summer’s End

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Scout Sixteen - Summer's End Scout Sixteen - Summer's End Scout Sixteen - Summer's End Scout Sixteen - Summer's End Scout Sixteen - Summer's End Scout Sixteen - Summer's End

Under normal circumstances, I would be mourning the end of summer. Saying goodbye to my favorite warm-weather activities usually ends in tears and a weekend of binge-eating snack cakes. Not this time around. After an unbearably scorching summer, my feet are dancing to a different beat.

I am ushering in these cold-weather months with open arms. Long woolen car coats, thick flannel button-downs, and shearling-lined shoes become welcome wardrobe warriors to combat these inevitably harsh New York winters. As we ease into September, I’ve started introducing some of these cold-weather favorites into my weekly routine. These Tucker moccasins from UGG have quickly become a star forward in my style game. Lined with soft-as-silk suede, as well as featuring leather-lined and interchangeable Twinsole™ UGGpure™ insoles, these moccasins will be your new favorite. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re of the slip-on variety… because guys deserve a Cinderella story, too. Does the shoe fit? With the Tucker, you bet it does!

Now I’ve just got to get my coat collection up to speed with my footwear. BRB, heading to the mall…

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Music Monday / 27

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Scout Sixteen - Music Monday 27

After taking a week off from Music Monday, I’m back with a vengeance (and a pretty kick ass playlist) – an old favorite, some new viral tracks, and an acoustic cover of Bieber’s “Where Are Ü Now” round out this week’s track list. If you feel any of these tracks in your bones, I implore you to dance it out; your body will thank you!

So here we go… slip into those in-ear headphones and cuddle up to this chill beat-heavy playlist. Which song is your favorite? Let me know if the comments below!

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City Trails

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Scout Sixteen - City Trails / Timberland Scout Sixteen - City Trails / Timberland Scout Sixteen - City Trails / Timberland Scout Sixteen - City Trails / Timberland Scout Sixteen - City Trails / Timberland Scout Sixteen - City Trails / Timberland Scout Sixteen - City Trails / Timberland

Timberland is a brand I’ve worn for much of my life; as long as I can remember, I’ve always had at least a handful of pieces in my wardrobe. Growing up in Mississippi, Timberland became an integral part of my ethos – especially in a place where the terrain can transform from rustic to rugged in a matter of minutes. Wherever my adventurous spirit took me, Timberland was often right by my side (or, rather, protecting my feet).

Moving to New York City wasn’t an easy task. Aside from general culture shock, I was settling into a vastly different environment – trading farms and livestock for fifth-floor walk-ups and an ocean of taxis – but I quickly learned that to satisfy my fearless spirit, I would have to tackle a much more modern set of trails… think subways, sidewalks, and stairwells.

It’s been over eight years since I moved here, and I’m still charmed by this place. I no longer pull riskier moves like riding ATVs in the dark or attempting to tame wild snakes (true story!) but I’m still the same person. I never lost my bold zest for life and I never lost my love for Timberland.

Timberland has always been at the forefront of style. The ubiquitous boot (you know the one…) has been on the feet of almost every fashion-conscious person on Earth. But did you know Timberland is so much more than just than one boot? Aside from being one of the most respected brands in the outdoor space, they also carry a vast catalog of products fit for your everyday.

From slim-cut selvedge denim to weatherproof blazers, Timberland takes the mathematics out of staying stylish by offering pieces that transition as easily from work to weekend as you do! So go ahead, take to your modern trail with rugged, functional, and – most importantly – stylish pieces from Timberland. Believe me, your body will thank you.

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Casually Cool

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Scout Sixteen - Casually Cool Scout Sixteen - Casually Cool Scout Sixteen - Casually Cool Scout Sixteen - Casually Cool DSC_1054 Scout Sixteen - Casually Cool

There are few things I love more than a casual button-down. Whether you wear it tucked with dress pants or un-tucked with your favorite pair of denim, a button-down will always be one of your best mates in your wardrobe.

Recently, I picked up a couple of really stellar button-down shirts from EXPRESS. The fit is slim and flattering enough to combat those inevitable holiday dinners that will start popping up. My favorite was a blue striped version and this white version I’m wearing. The complementary stripe on the collar and sleeve really sold me – a little peek of style for a classic staple!

I paired my button-down with some slim-leg cargo joggers and black summer sandals, which made for a stylish and comfortable outfit while running form show to show this Fashion Week. If you haven’t checked out EXPRESS’s current menswear offering, take a look here. They’ve added some pretty epic new items, like soft-as-satin tees and a wrinkle-resistant suit jacket (for their popular Photographer Suit collection).

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Urban Saint

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Scout Sixteen - Urban Saint Scout Sixteen - Urban Saint Scout Sixteen - Urban Saint Scout Sixteen - Urban Saint Scout Sixteen - Urban Saint Scout Sixteen - Urban Saint

As you know, I’m a southern boy. Although I was born and bred in Mississippi, the spirit of New Orleans, Louisiana (affectionately known as “Nawlins”) pumps through my veins. New Orleans is one of the few American cities that can match the magic and brilliance of New York City; with the first step on that creole soil, you’re cocooned in extraordinary energy.

I can still remember my first visit to the Big Easy. It was 2003 and Mardi Gras was in full swing. I was a pre-teen but I dove headfirst into the revelry – changing my fate forever. The food, history, people, football, and magic – quite literally – mesmerized me. I’ve visited New Orleans a dozen or so times since then, and the allure remains.

I was thrilled when Majestic Athletic, one of the NFL’s top licensing partners, invited me to be among their 2015 Coordinators. With the New Orleans Saints being one of the few NFL teams I keep up with, the Saints were an obvious choice for my style challenge.

Between jerseys, foam fingers, branded caps, and pom-poms, sporting events are full of fans showing their loyal support but how do you translate this support out of the bleachers and into your everyday wardrobe? Thankfully, that’s where Majestic Athletic comes in. With an incredible variety of licensed apparel from all your favorite teams, Majestic makes it easy to champion your choice NFL team in any occasion.

I paired my New Orleans Saints full-zip hoodie with a pair of ripped denim and my favorite slouchy black tee – the perfect look to run errands and not look like a slob. I love that the hoodie adds the polished finishing touch to this look and the fact that it’s insanely comfortable doesn’t hurt either! I stopped into my local park to answer a few emails (with coffee, in hand – of course!) and gather my thoughts before tackling the remaining items on my to-do list.

So, which team do you love? Which piece from Majestic’s collection would you rock with confidence? Let me know in the comments below!

* Majestic Athletic, as part of their 2015 Coordinators campaign, sponsored this post. All views expressed within are my own.*