Scout Sixteen - Finding The Light Scout Sixteen - Finding The Light Scout Sixteen - Finding The Light Scout Sixteen - Finding The Light Scout Sixteen - Finding The Light

Escaping the post-winter chill in New York City has been one of the most rewarding moments of my year (thus far). I don’t know about you guys but I cannot properly function without beaming sunlight. I look down at my pale skin and overall ghostly pallor wishing I had gotten one million spray tans. Thankfully, this weekend (spent at Coachella) has been beyond amazing!

I shot this look in the “game room” of my ranch home – even typing that out seems so unreal. Every morning, light floods the palatial estate and showers an incredible beauty in the small nooks and crannies of the grounds. I wanted to test-drive a few more pieces in my spring wardrobe, like this western/aztec-inspired shirt from 7 Diamonds. I love how cheery this shirt is – and this unique shade of minty green is slowly becoming a spring staple for many menswear designers. I always have trouble finding “the perfect short” but this Polo Ralph Lauren pair is taking the cake (literally)!

As you already know, I’m a big fan of color and 7 Diamonds is knocking it out of the park this season for me. Have you checked them out? Would you wear this look?

7 Diamonds Shirt (similar) / Polo Ralph Lauren Shorts

Scout Sixteen - Shot by Justin Bridges Scout Sixteen - Shot by Justin Bridges Scout Sixteen - Shot by Justin Bridges Scout Sixteen - Shot by Justin Bridges Scout Sixteen - Shot by Justin Bridges

I should start by saying I’d never been to the desert. I’d never experienced a sand storm and I’d certainly never stayed in a five-star ranch (with 24/7 chefs and bartenders). That is, until this past weekend when I had the opportunity to travel with UGG Australia and Stylecaster for a weekend of stylish mayhem during Coachella. It was absolutely fantastic.

We were treated like princes and got some pretty sweet kicks to keep us comfortable while we were galavanting around the festival. Our resident photographer (and my new favorite person) Justin Bridges was there to capture some of the fun… and provide a little editorial magic along the way. I loved this shoot in the desert behind our estate. Coachella lay just beyond that back wall of palm trees – it was so close you could literally taste it (well, not the festival, but the certainly the dust). I’ll have another post going up on Wednesday with some of my favorite photos from the weekend, but for now I’ll leave you with this editorialized post shot by Justin.

Be sure to check out this site for some incredible fashion/portrait photography —> Tucked Style

UGG Australia Boots / 21Men Shirt / DL1961 Denim (cut into shorts) / Topman Suspenders / Topman Bandana

Scout Sixteen - Coachella Bound Scout Sixteen - Coachella Bound Scout Sixteen - Coachella Bound
In preparation for my trip to Coachella with UGG Australia and StyleCaster, I put together a cheat sheet of my packing essentials. Packing for any trip can be a hassle but this is especially true when your destination has a temperate low of 95 degrees. Do I pack light or do I bring emergency backups for when sun and sweat get the best of me? From plaid knits to my favorite red boots, I’m showing off three looks that I’ll be wearing while I’m traveling.

The first look is my airline style – comfortable, cool and contained. Since the weather here in New York hasn’t quite hit its summery stride, I’ll still be in pants and a light jacket. I never travel without my favorite tech accessories and my signature scent, Monocle’s woodsy ‘Hinoki’. The second look will be perfect for the endless circuit of parties and events at Coachella. With pops of colors and one wickedly cool slip-on from UGG Australia, I’ll be ready to mix and mingle – plus, I’ll get it on all on camera with my Nikon Df. My last look is full of disposable layers, which makes hopping from concert to concert a breeze. The tomato red boots are one of my favorite pieces for spring; not only are they a trendy color but they’re also incredibly comfortable.

With thousands of attendees, hundreds of bands and my close friends, this trip will make for one unforgettable experience. Be sure to follow along on my Instagram for all the happenings with the UGG Australia and StyleCaster teams. Join in on the fun by tagging your color-happy photos with #ChooseYourHue!

Look 1: J. Crew Shirt / J. Crew Corduroys / UGG Australia Cheswick Sneaker / Ernest Alexander Weekender / Oliver Spencer Neon Scarf / LSTN Headphones / Octovo iPad Case / Coach Passport Case / Comme De Garcon Cologne

Look 2: Marc by Marc Jacobs Shirt / Hanes T-Shirt / Topman Shorts / UGG Australia Whitfield Slip-On / Nikon Df Camera / Caravelle New York Watch / Baggu Backpack / Coppertone Sport Sunblock

Look 3: J. Crew Plaid Shirt / Topman Baseball Shirt / Topman Short / UGG Australia Bayne Boot / Baggu Backpack / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Red Bandana

Scout Sixteen - Hawaiian Nights Scout Sixteen - Hawaiian Nights Scout Sixteen - Hawaiian Nights Scout Sixteen - Hawaiian Nights Scout Sixteen - Hawaiian Nights

Although I’m a guy in lust with basic neutrals, my eye is always drawn to a printed shirt. I imagine it’s like a painting – a canvas to escape into an alternate reality. I think that’s why this Hawaiian print shirt from 7 Diamonds drew me in so quickly. It’s been a white since I’ve donned a shirt with floral prints but the urge certainly hasn’t been forgotten. I only recently discovered the brand 7 Diamonds at PROJECT NYC and immediately took a liking to the clean lines and casual vibe the brand has been producing since 2000. These jogger-style chinos are insanely comfortable and paired well with the shirt.

While it was a major trend last spring, I plan to infuse my wardrobe with some much-needed tropical pops of print this season. Will you be wearing prints this spring?

7 Diamonds Hawaiian Shirt / Globe Jogger Pants / 7 For All Mankind Jacket / Converse Sneakers

Scout Sixteen - Stone Walk Scout Sixteen - Stone WalkScout Sixteen - Stone Walk

It’s only Wednesday and I can say with certainty that it’s been one of *those* weeks. Is Mercury in retrograde? Is the Earth’s psyche out of whack? This week has been trying to test me but like a phoenix from the ashes I’m starting anew today. I’m counting down the days to my much-needed West Coast vacation. I’ll actually be posting a fun packing guide today or tomorrow, so be sure to check back for some Coachella-inspired outfits.

This look is a bit dressier than I normally veer but I had a few meetings that required my professional attention so “adult Justin” had to be present [insert coy smile]. I kept my signature casual cool in there with this rugged (and affordable) green utility jacket while these slick brogues from Paul Evans gave the outfit its dressy edge.

21Men Jacket / French Connection Shirt / Armani Exchange Denim / Richer Poorer Socks / Paul Evans Shoes / Caravelle Watch

Scout Sixteen - Double Denim Scout Sixteen - Double Denim Scout Sixteen - Double Denim Scout Sixteen - Double Denim Scout Sixteen - Double Denim

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning. Tattered band tees, ripped jeans and shrunken sweaters have been taking up precious space in my closet for years. Seeing the trends I attempted to capitalize on over the last few seasons has been quite comical. I did rediscover just how fond I am of denim. With my extensive collection of jeans and enough chambray shirts to open my own shop, I realize they have one thing in common: they’re comfortable as hell.

A recent addition to my wardrobe (and growing denim collection) has been this pair of performance denim from DL1961. The fit is spot on and provides enough flexibility that keeps me moving throughout my busy days (thanks to some seriously advanced fabric technology!). The color is like a deep shade of midnight, which makes them appropriate for mornings and nights… not that I needed another excuse to live in jeans all day, every day. Needless to say, I think I’ve found my new favorite pair.

Zara Shirt / DL1961 Jeans / Lucchese Boots / Ernest Alexander Messenger / Caravelle Watch

Scout Sixteen - Work Out

I get a lot of questions about my exercise routine but, to be quite honest, I don’t really have one. I grew up on tennis, track and soccer and have always considered myself a fairly athletic guy. Prior to this year, my fitness habits had been slacking – I made it to the gym a few times a month and let my running shoes collect dust. Cut to New Year’s Eve and I vowed to coax my athletic prowess out of its long-term hibernation. In January, I partnered up with David Barton Gym to complete a “Look Better Naked” challenge. It may have a silly name but there is nothing silly about the challenge. My particular regimen involved one hour and fifteen minutes of cardio at least 4 days a week, plus 4 days of alternating weight training (Arms/Chest… Back/Butt… Legs/Abs… Chest/Core). Thankfully, I was able to combine cardio and weight training on some of the days but my body hated me by the end of it.

I’m half-way through my “Look Better Naked” commitment and in the three months remaining I plan to attack it at full speed. If you have access to a local gym, take advantage because your health is your most precious gift. If you happen to be one of the lucky urbanites with access to a David Barton Gym, I highly encourage you check it out. The environment at DBG is so incredibly luxe (and quite affordable!) that you’ll never want to go elsewhere. I’ve been so pleased since I switched over… and my body is especially happy now that I’ve joined their Pilates classes.

Time for a quick run, see you on the flip side. Stay stylish, friends!

Acne Sweatshirt (Similar) / J.Crew Slim Sweatpants / Bonobos T-Shirt / Nike Air Safari Sneakers / Herschel Supply Duffel Bag / Frends Heaphones / Evamor Purified Water

Scout Sixteen - AEO Style Scout Sixteen - AEO Style Scout Sixteen - AEO Style Scout Sixteen - AEO Style

A few weeks back, American Eagle Outfitters challenged me to style out a spring look with a few pieces from their spring collection. Never one to back down from a challenge, I decided to give two takes on a casual spring outfit. My (and AEO’s) personal favorite is without the beanie, but I thought I’d let you guys decide! Which look do you prefer? #AEOSTYLE

Red Jacket / Green Chino / Khaki Chino / White Polo / Lime Sweatshirt / Black BeanieNew Balance Trainers / Canvas Backpack