Music Monday / 03

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It’s that time again for another Music Monday. Well, it’s actually Tuesday but I have a good excuse…which I will tell you at another time because I need to think of one. From indie classics to R&B legends, here are 16 tracks to get you through your week. Grab a red bull and slip into your favorite dancing pants… Read More

White Lite

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Scout Sixteen - Express August Scout Sixteen - Express AugustScout Sixteen - Express August
With summer coming to a close in the next few weeks, I’ve decided to take my bright wardrobe staples for a last lap around the track. I’m determined to find a way to have my white jeans last long into winter – so stay tuned for some wardrobe experimentation.

I had never really explored it – but there are some fantastic options out there for casual bright shirts! I’m wearing a cotton safari shirt from EXPRESS that has an almost linen lushness to it. And in this summer weather… that’s exactly what I need. I paired it with white denim and a pair of cool (but inexpensive!) boat shoes perfect for the City.

EXPRESS Shirt / White Denim / Boat Shoes / Filson Field Bag Read More

Freakin’ Weekend / 05

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Freunde-von-Freunden-Charlotte-Rey-Duncan-Campbell-8477-930x619Talk is cheap and sleep is precious, which is why tonight I’ll be turning in quite early. Nothing could sound more appealing to me tonight than Netflix and too much Thai food. I’ll be giving myself a minor education this weekend with a few museum visits and a jaunt to the Brooklyn Flea, one of the City’s best spots to people watch and snag vintage finds. I’ll be headed to Las Vegas on Sunday for the second portion of PROJECT tradeshow – stay tuned for some trend-driven posts over the next few days!

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

These hazelnut cocoa granola bars are tasty as hell.

Buffalo plaid shirts, for the win.

Seriously my favorite Nike sneakers yet. Yessss!

Google Maps is now offering field trip suggestions.

Really diggin’ this graphic black backpack from Hurley,

To prepare for AHS’s Freak Show, here is some carnival lingo to add to your repertoire.

I want these sunglasses… real bad.

Here is how to choose the best glasses for your face shape.

8 steps to finding more peace in your life.

Holy pants, Batman. Need these now.

This human barbie is training herself to be ‘brainless’… um, okay.

The best way to keep coworkers (or bullies) from stealing your lunch? This.

I wish I could play this instrument. So beautiful.

Totally into these bold hand-printed tees.

Nautical wristwear is my favorite. The end.

This song is my current jam on replay.

BONUS: Exciting news… I’m nominated for Bloglovin’s “Best Men’s Fashion Blog” and would love if you would vote for me! I will be eternally grateful.

[Photo Credit: the talented Freunde Von Freunden]

Life, Well Done

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Scout Sixteen - Life, Well Done

I like lists. I always have. There is something about putting a task in writing that makes it binding, memorable, and concrete. Grocery lists, Christmas wish lists, to-do lists and packing lists have all been ticked off and tossed. As functioning humans, we are encouraged to catalog those items that we will knowingly overlook or forget. New Year’s resolutions, bucket lists, and indexes of outrageous travel destinations never make the cut. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve vowed to do this or that each new year and failed miserably.  So what’s at the top of my bucket list?

#1: See Outer Space

Am I even serious? There are 7 billion people on the Earth and only about 8 people off of it. By creating starry-eyed bucket lists, I’m allowing myself to dream bigger than my britches (as my grandmother would so eloquently observe). You’ll be hard-pressed to find a soul more full of a ravenous hunger for the wonders of life, but sometimes I’ve got to keep my feet on the ground. That said, ZICO challenged me to create a ‘Crack Life Open’ list: a register of workable improvements, destinations and minor fantasies I can adhere to. I’m saying goodbye to bucket lists for now, life lists are my new catalog of choice.

01. Meditate and find my morning zen

My mornings aren’t relaxing. I’m normally up and dive straight into my mountain of an email inbox or I’m running out the door to an 8AM breakfast meeting. I need to schedule at least one half-hour of relaxing, meditative time for myself each morning. I know my days would benefit from it.

02. Hydrate more

With my days so active, I know how important it is to stay hydrated. Water can be boring so I’ve been opting for tastier (and sometimes more effective) options like ZICO Premium Coconut Water (the chocolate flavor is actually super delicious). Now it’s just time to step up my hydration game!

03. Write letters

I’ve completely lost touch with the art of the handwritten note. Opening my mailbox to see a note from a friend is a great feeling – I want to be able to pass on the love.

04. Finish learning Spanish

I started learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone a few months back. The lessons are quite simple; I just need to dedicate time to it each week.

05. Get more sleep

This seems like it would be an easy one to follow, right? I still struggle with getting enough sleep. I chalk it up to my being a “night owl” but I just don’t know when to turn off the world around me. First step: turn off all electronics one hour before midnight.

06. Take one day-trip per month

While I travel for work more frequently than a normal guy, when it comes to planning personal vacations – I shoot for the moon. I make grandiose plans to visit destinations I can either not afford or won’t feasibly arrive at. There are some spectacular locales within a day’s drive from New York City; it’s about time I started to explore them!

07. Purge my closet

Saying I have a lot of clothes would be a serious understatement. I recently started purging my closet but it’s time I went into hyper-mode and get myself completely organized and refreshed.

08. Enhance my knowledge

At one time, you couldn’t break me away from weekends chocked full of museum visits, art shows or flea markets. I’ve let that enthusiasm for intellectual or cultural growth expire. It’s time I brought that back, even if just once a month.

There it is: my pragmatic short-term goals standing in single file order. One of these items will be accomplished this weekend, so check back on Monday for the little reveal. As for the rest, I intend to get these done as surely as I plan to breathe – but don’t think I’ll ever quit dreaming big. You can’t fix what isn’t broken…

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À La Plage

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Scout Sixteen - A La Plage Scout Sixteen - Orlebar Brown Scout Sixteen - A La Plage
Scout Sixteen - A La Plage Scout Sixteen - A La Plage

Like a mouse to the cheese, I always seem to find my way to the beach. I grew up a half-day drive from the nearest seaside destination so we didn’t get there but a few times each year. Each March when my middle school recessed for Spring Break, I’d let out a sigh of relief knowing my family was beach bound. I’d pack all the “necessities”: a pail, a shovel and my karaoke machine (because we vacationed without it). I’d spend hours exploring only a few square feet of the shore, combing for lost treasures and riding the waves.

As an adult, beach vacations are bit more… how should I say… lethargic. I can spend hours just catching up on the latest best-seller and laughing the afternoon away with friends while we say goodbye to winter pallor. I still pack the essentials, they’re just a bit more grown-up: a good book, speakers and a pair of style-savvy swim shorts.

In my case – I follow by a strict policy of “sky’s out, thigh’s out,” so this pair of Orlebar Brown trunks made the perfect statement for my weekend. I paired the tropical-printed trunks with my new favorite tee of all time. (And believe me – the last winner was hard to beat!) OB’s lightweight cotton tee is just perfection; it fits in all the right places. Get it while you can, seriously.

Orlebar Brown Printed Swim Shorts / Orlebar Brown T-Shirt / PF Flyers Sneakers / Mr. Porter Journal / Orlebar Brown Towel / Warby Parker Sunglasses (similar) / Outdoor Cord Bracelet / Orlebar Brown Tote

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Music Monday / 02

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Scout Sixteen - Image by Nicole Franzen

It’s that time again for another Music Monday. From rock-pop royalty to little known indie standouts, here are 16 tracks to get you through your week. Pop on those noise-canceling headphones and give it a listen…

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Freakin’ Weekend / 04

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travel more

I’ve actually got a fairly exciting weekend ahead of me. I’m joining the Baxter of California team for a weekend getaway in Montauk. I’ll be staying at the Surf Lodge, so expect a hefty amount of surf-inspired Instagram photos this weekend (apologies in advance). On Sunday, I’ll be participating in a margarita crawl to taste-test NYC’s top-ranked margaritas. I think I can say with confidence that if I survive this Sunday, I can survive anything.

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

This is my new favorite collection of travel bags. No passport needed.

No lies… my Birkenstock sandals are my favorite thing right now. Get a pair now – you won’t regret it!

“People should fall in love with their eyes closed.”

Living in cramped quarters? Here’s a genius idea for an unconventional desk.

A shirt button that holds your headphones cord in place? Gimme.

Floral tie, for the win.

These are the 18 craziest trees on Earth. I want to climb them all.

I need this fox beanie for fall right now!

What writers can learn from my favorite childhood bedtime story

Found a cardamom coffee recipe that I plan to try this weekend.

Exercises to getting those V-lines on your abs. And… starting these ASAP.

Follow your arrow, wherever it points.

Can we all get this Lumberjack Box and start a woodsmen colony?

Saying ‘goodbye’ to pesky pimples thanks to this herbal toner.

These were my favorite boots in middle school. I’m thinking of buying a pair – thoughts?

These are the 11 craziest s’mores combinations ever. Yummm!

Bonus: This Buzzfeed list details one of my biggest pet peeves. Ever.

* Photo Credit: Adventored *

Follow Your Arrow

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DSC_5391DSC_5384 DSC_5389 DSC_5391DSC_5370

People always said I’d find my footing some day. I spent a lot of my young adult life scrambling after a bowl full of dreams. It was always like chasing a firefly – you can see it, but you can’t quite catch it. It wasn’t until well into my 20′s that things started to fall into place: I started my blog, gained career approval from my family and made a hell of a lot of new friends. It wasn’t timing. It wasn’t persistence. It was a guided acceptance of my fate. I pointed my arrow in the direction I wanted to go and let it fly.

Fate is a funny thing. You can’t create it and you can’t wait for it so you push and pull your way like saltwater taffy on a summer day. Remember to let go sometimes. It’s okay to relax and see where life takes you. It’s your arrow, after all. Point and shoot.

Custom Arrow Ring from Benjamin Black / Filson Field Bag / Cadet Henley / Armani Exchange Pants / Converse Sneakers / Daniel Wellington Watch