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Freakin’ Weekend / 03

August 1, 2014 • 0 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Freakin' Weekend 3

I’ve been searching high and low for some new pieces of furniture for my apartment so I’ll be spending my Saturday trolling the flea markets in town for a few interior gems. Sunday will surely be the laziest day of my year so far: 16 hours of Netflix and delivery food… I won’t lie, I cannot wait.

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

This dopp kit would make traveling so much better.

Insanely cool photos of witch doctors and healers in Bolivia.

I really wish my living room looked like this. But alas…

I use this bag almost non-stop when toting my camera equipment around.

This is by far one of my favorite magazines. Hands down.

Want your face drawn on your business cards? I know you do.

I want this banana ice cream in my belly now.

A ship from the 1700′s was found buried in the World Trade Center ruins.

Fairly obsessed with these retro plastic key tags.

888,000 ceramic poppies make for one incredible commemorative art installation.

If you’re a polite bastard, then this t-shirt is for you.

Pretty sound advice. Boring is for losers.

You have to read this guy’s powerful story.

Was introduced to this amazing leather bag collection at PROJECT Tradeshow. I want ‘em all.

Planning to wear these striped shorts for the rest of time. Period.

Of course the Fall/Winter campaign from COS has me wanting everything.

Bonus: this is what Saturday mornings sound like in my head…

* Photo Credit: PretaPorterForYou *

Daily Scout

Knock Out

July 31, 2014 • 1 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Diesel Watch Scout Sixteen - Diesel Watch Scout Sixteen - Diesel Watch

Like clockwork, my week comes to a head every Thursday. The stresses from Monday through Wednesday catch up with me and it’s an all-out brawl to finish everything up before my weekend begins (since I obviously consider Friday the first day of the weekend).

With all the running around today, I’m happy to have my DIESEL watch to keep me on schedule. Low-key separates (like a white button-down and navy chinos) help me get around in style. And you definitely can’t forget a comfortable sandal…

DIESEL Watch / Gap Button-Down / Birkenstock Sandal / Urban Outfitters Backpack

Daily Scout

Afternoon Delights

July 29, 2014 • 3 Comments

DSC_5943 DSC_5957 DSC_5945 DSC_5956

Can you believe it’s almost fall? Even though we have a few weeks of warm weather left, I feel like this summer swiftly came and went. I didn’t travel near as much as I’d wanted and I didn’t eat near as many ice cream cones.

For some afternoon meetings, I paired my EXPRESS denim with a New Yorker’s favorite casual accessory: a black t-shirt. The neutral cap and perforated backpack help add an edgier flavor to my look without providing too much distraction.

What are you planning for your last few weeks of summer? Any upcoming travels you’d like to share?

EXPRESS T-Shirt / EXPRESS Denim / Gents Baseball Cap / TRIWA Sunglasses Read More


Bedroom Redux with West Elm

July 25, 2014 • 6 Comments

Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom MakeoverScout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover

During the first half of this year, I had difficulty finding balance in my life. Each professional success seemed to be quickly followed by a personal defeat; I felt I was making sacrifices left and right to restore balance. It wasn’t until I pinpointed the issue (my space) that things began to rapidly improve.

I must first say that I’m not a hoarder despite what my friends may tell you; I’ve always been an avid collector. When I find something I like (the perfect black t-shirt or a pair of slim-cut denim), I buy it compulsively. I’ll get 2 or 3 of the same thing and add to the “collection” in my wardrobe. This was a problem – I was battling personal issues with an expensive alternative therapy. I was being swallowed by the things that also built me up.

May was the month – I vowed to cut the clutter from my life. I began purging in all aspects of my life and leaving little room for excess. One of the areas in desperate need of change was my bedroom (which also serves as my home office). With a small space to tackle, I enlisted the help of my friends at West Elm to infuse my space with mid-century zen while properly restoring my sanity.

I don’t wake up in a panic anymore. I traded in my king size bed and oversized furniture for pieces that feel purposeful and pleasant. My space finally evokes the balance I craved for so long and I couldn’t be more excited to realign my journey here.

Mid-Century Daybed / Nomad Coverlet (Bedding) / Marble Side Table / Salt Vase / Geometric Planter

To see more of my room transformation, head on over to West Elm’s blog!

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Freakin’ Weekend / 02

July 25, 2014 • 2 Comments

What are you up to this weekend? I’m headed to the beach tomorrow for some much-needed time in the sun. Honestly, my skin is starting to take on a ghostly pallor and this is just not good on many different levels. Aside from a seaside day-trip, I’m planning to see an afternoon movie on Sunday. I’m thinking Boyhood… thoughts?

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

Holy YES. A teaser poster has been released for 2015′s Jurassic World.

One of my tips to better summer skin? This product.

Weird food combinations you have to try.

And now pictures of Ben Affleck as the new Batman.

We need more things like this in our world.

Vans created cork shoes. And they are awesome.

Recreating iconic logos… with bike parts.

Iced Tea + Margaritas? My worlds have collided.

This is a circle. Wait, no it’s not!

Don’t read through this reddit thread before bed. Scary stuff.

Interchangeable eyewear? Bring it on!

This collection from Dolce & Gabbana has me wanting to travel.

I definitely need to stay here on my next trip to Paris.

This cover of Sia’s Chandelier by Sara Bareilles is unreal.

Snagged myself a couple of things from this MyHabit sale.

Looking to get away but not sure where? Try this out.

(Photo credit: The CWST)

Daily Scout

Summer Heat

July 24, 2014 • 4 Comments

Scout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches Scout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches Scout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches

I won’t lie… I’m ready for summer to come to a close. Don’t get me wrong; I love summer as much as the next guy, but when I spend more time each day sweating than not sweating – it starts to wear me down. I’m itching to get myself to a new location where the heat is reasonable and the fun factor is high: a Mexican resort town, a beach in Southern California, or (heck) I’d even settle for a snow-capped mountain trip. I just need to get away for a bit.

Okay, enough weather ranting for a moment. On to the fun stuff…!

I recently partnered with Diesel Watches to showcase some of their really fun timepieces. While Diesel is best known for their denim, the brand has an aesthetic eye for accessories. I’ve checked out the full selection and there are watches to fit any personality or taste. The piece I’m wearing is my personal favorite because of the contrast between the casual leather band and edgy watch face; I love subtle details like that. What do you think?

DIESEL Watch  Read More

Daily Scout

Weekday Way

July 21, 2014 • 6 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Weekday Way Scout Sixteen - Weekday WayScout Sixteen - Weekday Way

It’s that time again; it’s Monday. Monday and I have one very vitriolic relationship. I can’t quite surrender my good will and happy feelings to the day that continues to stick the middle finger to my weekend fun. I always know it’s coming but I’m never truly prepared for Monday misery.

Ill feelings aside, I’m ready to work this week; I’m ready to tackle one full schedule. The look I chose to start my week with includes another pair of Abercrombie denim – the classic straight jean. I liked the fact that the brand offers so many fit options (and variety of washes) so picking out a pair that fit my personality was easy. This pair was especially cool because it was inspired by vintage denim (a personal favorite) and included some cool antiqued metal hardware/buttons. I completed the look with my typically comfortable palette of navy and white because few other combinations thrill me more.

Abercrombie Denim / Navy Shirt / Filson Tote / Converse Shoes Read More


Music Monday

July 21, 2014 • 1 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Music Monday

Starting today, I’ll be serving up a plated playlist every Monday of 16 must-listen songs to get you through your week. These playlists will be curated by Scout Sixteen or a variety of artists and musicians you may know (or definitely need to meet). To kick it off, I’ve compiled the songs that I’ve had on repeat this weekend… something my roommates can certainly attest to.

Click through to listen… Read More