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Grey Daze

July 22, 2014 • 0 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Grey Daze Scout Sixteen - Grey Daze Scout Sixteen - Grey Daze

Each year, GQ partners with Gap to highlight some of the best newcomers in the men’s fashion. Now in its eighth year, the Best New Menswear Designers in America has rolled out their new class of sartorial all-stars. For the third installment in this series, I’m profiling the new cool kid on the block John Elliott + Co. Designer John Elliott has put his unique spin on the casual ready-to-wear market with slim, slouchy tees and premium denim.

I’ve styled these John Elliott + Co jeans with some of my favorite Gap pieces, like this paisley jacquard shirt. Don’t forget – I’ll be debuting the actual designer capsule collection in September so stay tuned!

John Elliott + Co Denim / Gap Shirt / Coach Backpack (similar) / Sperry Topsider Shoes / Profound Aesthetic Bracelet
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Daily Scout

Weekday Way

July 21, 2014 • 5 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Weekday Way Scout Sixteen - Weekday WayScout Sixteen - Weekday Way

It’s that time again; it’s Monday. Monday and I have one very vitriolic relationship. I can’t quite surrender my good will and happy feelings to the day that continues to stick the middle finger to my weekend fun. I always know it’s coming but I’m never truly prepared for Monday misery.

Ill feelings aside, I’m ready to work this week; I’m ready to tackle one full schedule. The look I chose to start my week with includes another pair of Abercrombie denim – the classic straight jean. I liked the fact that the brand offers so many fit options (and variety of washes) so picking out a pair that fit my personality was easy. This pair was especially cool because it was inspired by vintage denim (a personal favorite) and included some cool antiqued metal hardware/buttons. I completed the look with my typically comfortable palette of navy and white because few other combinations thrill me more.

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Music Monday

July 21, 2014 • 1 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Music Monday

Starting today, I’ll be serving up a plated playlist every Monday of 16 must-listen songs to get you through your week. These playlists will be curated by Scout Sixteen or a variety of artists and musicians you may know (or definitely need to meet). To kick it off, I’ve compiled the songs that I’ve had on repeat this weekend… something my roommates can certainly attest to.

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Friday Links

Freakin’ Weekend

July 18, 2014 • 0 Comments

Scout Sixteen - ArtWeHeart

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be spending most of tomorrow in major cleaning mode. (I try to set aside at least half of one Saturday each month for a deep cleaning of my apartment.) On Sunday, I’ll be blogging from the menswear trade show Project (for the second season) followed by dancing my pants off at Sara Bareilles’ concert at Madison Square Garden!

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

Disneyland’s opening day was absolutely terrifying.

Gold tattoos? Yes, please.

This turtle eating watermelon made me smile.

If you’re going to take shots, do it the right way.

Just bought this bag and can’t stop wearing it.

If you love the outdoors and moody photos, follow this Instagram right now.

GQ partnered with Quarterly for one killer curated box. Get it.

Breeze through airport security with this new product.

I need these perforated Sperry slip-ons as soon as possible.

Game of Thrones jewelry; Hell yes.

These before-and-after photos from home renovations are insane!

Is this the newest fashion trend for bearded men?

How’d  you like a wig made from your own hair?

Let’s talk about colonics

Late to the game, but this video had me in tears of laughter.

In love with this money clip. Gimme.

*Photo credit: plant art from*

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Floral Pass

July 16, 2014 • 4 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Floral PassScout Sixteen - Floral Pass

A few weeks back while in Nantucket, I got the chance to do a little exploring of the Island. The area is filled with little nooks and passes tucked away beyond the bushes that line the small curling lanes. This particular day, I got the chance to test-drive a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch slim-straight jeans. I liked that the pair I chose had some spectacular fading/whiskering and hand-done details like rips and tears. It’s been a while since I’ve worn destroyed denim but my taste for the style is coming back. Abercrombie & Fitch was once a brand I’d have to save up for months to afford but they’ve started offering high quality denim in extremely competitive prices (these jeans I’m wearing are only $44!), plus they were perfect for the weather in Nantucket.

If you get the chance to go to Nantucket, you certainly should. It’s one of the most serene weekend getaways I’ve taken in years. And if you need some recommendations, you know who to call…

Abercrombie Denim / Zara T-Shirt / Cole Haan Shoes / Daniel Wellington Watch
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Fresh Start

July 15, 2014 • 10 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Swash OfficialScout Sixteen - Swash Official Scout Sixteen - Swash Official Scout Sixteen - Swash Official

Here’s my dilemma: I hate cleaning my jeans. I’ll be honest and say I probably only wash my jeans once or twice a month (regardless of how often I wear them). Before you call the sanitation police, let me explain. As many of you know, I wear my jeans fairly slim. The issue is two-fold: (1) I hate how stiff my jeans get at the cleaners plus they have this weird detergent feel to them, but (2) I love restoring the fit of my jeans after the wash. They fit like they did when I first bought them.

The laundry gods must’ve heard my prayers because the greatest little gadget was delivered to my doorstep last week. Meet Swash.

It may look commonplace from the outside, but what it does is revolutionary. In just 10 minutes, the Swash can reduce wrinkles, refresh fabrics, restore fit, and preserve the lifespan of my clothing. And best of all… it’s saving me a ton on dry-cleaning bills. It also works on just about any fabric in your closet (except leather, velvet, suede, silk or fur).

Everything you need for the Swash system is contained in glorious little pods. There are a variety of scents to fit any mood or personality, but my personal favorite is ‘Awaken’. There is no water or plumbing involved, just a 120-volt wall outlet and magic (of course). If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to breathe new life into your wardrobe – this is for you! Ready to purchase? The Swash system is available for pre-order only on Bloomingdale’s (in both black and neutral) and will ship nationwide in September.

Cheers to cleaning the easy way…

(Update: For those who have asked, the ombré shirt is from Koto)

Good Eats

Curing Indecision

July 10, 2014 • 4 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Go DoobleScout Sixteen - Go Dooble Scout Sixteen - Go Dooble

Last week, Bonnie (my roommate + resident best friend) and I got the chance to escape the unbearable summer heat by ducking into Randolph Beer for an afternoon of fried foods and delicious lagers. We always find the time to grab snacks on a busy day but often struggle over indecision in locale.  As a general note, I’m the worst at picking restaurants. I happen to like all foods so I could honestly be as content with sidewalk hot dogs as I could a juicy steak from a five-star joint.

Thankfully, I’ve been using Dooble to give my decision-making skills a leg up. I can connect with Bonnie to pick a time to meet, select the ‘type’ of meet-up this will be and the app does the work for me. The app is pre-programmed with the coolest options so you know you’re getting a must-see recommendation. The price of each Dooble goes directly towards the activity you choose (a $33 dollar brunch Dooble already covers your meal and drinks for the duration). It’s honestly gives some of the best deals out there.

I strongly suggest taking a minute to download Dooble, it’s become vital to my weekly toolbox in making sure I hit up the spots that need to be seen (and devoured).

Daily Scout

Telling Time

July 9, 2014 • 5 Comments

Scout Sixteen - Telling TimeScout Sixteen - Fossil Watch

I’ll freely admit that I spend far too much time on my mobile phone. From the moment I wake up to that point at night when my eyes struggle to stay open, I’m checking my phone. I’m doing anything to keep an engagement with digital media: checking the weather, looking up old flames on Facebook, discovering new music on Spotify, or taking the latest quiz on Buzzfeed (usually involving some Disney or Marvel theme, of course).

In an age where digital presence is encouraged and social connection is rewarded, I long to be off the grid. The idea of disconnectedness thrills me, but it’s also completely impractical. Those who eschew digital media are seen as zealots looking for attention… as if I’m going to congratulate someone for “not having a Facebook”. But why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I be amazed that someone braver than me has taken the necessary steps to save their sanity in the face of a complete binary invasion.

In an age where digital presence is encouraged and social connection is rewarded, I long to be off the grid.

I’m in the process of weaning myself from my dependence on social acceptance (chasing the “likes” and “followers”, if you will). It’s the baby steps that matter most: I’ve been wearing a watch everyday to refrain from checking the time on my phone and opening up an inevitable spiral into a 30-minute phone “checkup”. I want to be free to read a book for 40 minutes straight or enjoy a two-hour dinner with friends and not look have an insatiable hunger to peer at my phone.

Thankfully, Fossil has my back and had me create my own watch from their Defender line – a name coincidentally apt to my cause. It’s no surprise to my readers that I chose black-on-black, a color palette I often gravitate towards with my accessories. This watch was a perfect fit and offered a great way to keep my hands of my phone!

Have you found you’ve been too focused on your digital life? What are you doing to fight back?

GUESS Shirt / PRPS Pants / Fossil Watch / ONA Camera Bag