Freakin’ Weekend / 11


After an incredibly busy week, I’m ready to carve a spot out on my sofa and spent tomorrow watching a marathon or two on Netflix. Add in a family-size bowl of cheesy pasta or a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream and you’ve got my perfect weekend ahead. I’ll likely take to the streets on Sunday to do some exploring – thinking of stopping by the Brooklyn Flea to pick up a few new pieces for the apartment. Then again, that may be just a bit ambitious; my couch is incredibly comfortable.

Hope your weekend nails it; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through it…

Hands down, this is my favorite t-shirt of all time. I literally own 17 of them.

A moving reminder why I love Paris and New York so damn much.

Here is the only keychain you’ll ever need.

I want these sneakers like yesterday.

Pixar movies that are hiding easter eggs to other Pixar movies; META!

Who’s ready to start drinking this delicious cocktail with me?

Dispelling 12 urban myths about New York City; this is good stuff!

I was interviewed by my pal Chris – and I didn’t curse like a sailor this time!

Have you seen my friend Adam’s amazing Instagram-based storytelling series?

Really digging this bold felt weekender bag; needing this now.

GAP’s new Sofia Coppola-directed holiday ad is awkwardly hilarious.

I’m loving this super sleek waterproof travel bag.

I would sell my soul to have this Skee-Ball machine in my home.

The debate over streaming music continues… which side do you fall on?

Pendleton is taking over your winter wardrobe one piece at a time.

Loved this article on the “disease of being busy” and learning to slow down.

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