• Sydney

    Hi, Scout.

    I’m a new reader, and your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I think that your photography is excellent and I love how you take pictures of a variety of things rather than 50+ shots of the same outfit (which is something I see often on other fashion blogs). Men’s fashion is a realm of blogging that I have yet to explore, and after surfing your daily reads, I’m pleased to say that I have quite a few new blogs in my bookmark folder. I really do see your blog as a source of inspiration for my own blog — both in layout and in content, despite the fact that I ultimately don’t consider my blog to be a fashion blog (though I just started it a few days ago, so who knows). Anyway, I’ll be keeping up with your posts. Some of the pictures you take (particularly the ones in your post titled “City Lights”) are just mesmerizing to me. You should post some photography tips, if you haven’t already.

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  • @matthewscottnz

    OMG looks amazing!! Another city to add to my list. @matthewscottnz