Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues

Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues

It’s been five years since I looked in the rearview mirror to see my college campus for the last time. I drove away from everything I knew but what I didn’t realize is I left a piece of my heart in that little college town of Oxford, Mississippi. I’ve always been drawn to pieces that conjure memories from those few years spent with friends and peers. I blame nostalgia for my unwillingness to “let go” of those varsity memories; however distant they now seem.

Over time, I’ve certainly circled back to my collegiate uniform: varsity jacket, chinos and low-tops. I’ve added a few upgrades along the way to keep it fresh and modern but, overall, not much has changed (except maybe learning how to finally manage my curls…). Tossing a varsity jacket over a well-worn knit and a pair of khakis is the perfect balance for simple tastes and dapper minimalism. The key to this look is keeping it as “clean” as possible – no frills, no “trendy” accessories, no shock value. Going back to a uniform never felt so good…

What did you wear in college? I’d love to know!

21Men Jacket / 21Men Sweater / 21Men Chinos / Converse Sneakers / Caravelle Watch / Puravida Bracelet



  • Alex Montilla

    This is definetly a perfect and simple outfit for college. Love varsity jackets!

  • Taylor James

    I’m totally enthralled with this look!

  • Eduardo Garpe

    Love the varsity jacket! Timeless pieces that makes any outfit stand out!

    Hugs from México

  • Tony to Wear

    Nice watch/bracelet combination!

  • Stav Navé

    I absolutely love this clean look.

  • Fan.

    Hey, cool penis.