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I’ll freely admit that I spend far too much time on my mobile phone. From the moment I wake up to that point at night when my eyes struggle to stay open, I’m checking my phone. I’m doing anything to keep an engagement with digital media: checking the weather, looking up old flames on Facebook, discovering new music on Spotify, or taking the latest quiz on Buzzfeed (usually involving some Disney or Marvel theme, of course).

In an age where digital presence is encouraged and social connection is rewarded, I long to be off the grid. The idea of disconnectedness thrills me, but it’s also completely impractical. Those who eschew digital media are seen as zealots looking for attention… as if I’m going to congratulate someone for “not having a Facebook”. But why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I be amazed that someone braver than me has taken the necessary steps to save their sanity in the face of a complete binary invasion.

In an age where digital presence is encouraged and social connection is rewarded, I long to be off the grid.

I’m in the process of weaning myself from my dependence on social acceptance (chasing the “likes” and “followers”, if you will). It’s the baby steps that matter most: I’ve been wearing a watch everyday to refrain from checking the time on my phone and opening up an inevitable spiral into a 30-minute phone “checkup”. I want to be free to read a book for 40 minutes straight or enjoy a two-hour dinner with friends and not look have an insatiable hunger to peer at my phone.

Thankfully, Fossil has my back and had me create my own watch from their Defender line – a name coincidentally apt to my cause. It’s no surprise to my readers that I chose black-on-black, a color palette I often gravitate towards with my accessories. This watch was a perfect fit and offered a great way to keep my hands of my phone!

Have you found you’ve been too focused on your digital life? What are you doing to fight back?

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