Scout Sixteen - Sweatin' It

Sweatin’ It

Scout Sixteen - Sweatin' It Scout Sixteen - Sweatin' It Scout Sixteen - Sweatin' It

It’s rare that I get the chance to bum around. My days are typically jam-packed with meetings, showroom appointments and freelance gigs. (Read as: watching Law & Order: SVU marathons) So when I cross the threshold of my apartment, I immediately toss on a favorite pair of sweatpants and a vintage band tee with no plans but to be as lazy as I possibly can. I call it “couch chic” because I know I’m creating barrels of lust for those lucky enough to see me in those moments. (Read as: It’s just so terribly un-stylish)

Every so often, I like to bring my indoor attire into the real world. A casual button-down and driving loafers upgrade my sweatpants without sacrificing comfort. And I must say, that’s my favorite kind of upgrade.

Field Scout Sweatpants / Haute Hippie Men’s Shirt / H&M Button-Down / Austen Heller Loafers / Rag & Bone Hat

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