Scout Sixteen - Oxydo Sunglasses

Scout Sixteen - Oxydo Sunglasses Scout Sixteen - Oxydo Sunglasses

Aside from shoes, the only thing I buy pretty constantly are sunglasses. Girls get so many more options to mix-and-match makeup, nail polish, and hair color; guys typically don’t have as many options, which is why shoes and sunglasses have become fun staples of my wardrobe. I love being able to throw on a different pair of shades and creating a new attitude for any outfit.

I snagged these Oxydo Society sunglasses from Nordstrom over Thanksgiving. I really like how modern the frames are and while I don’t typically wear sunglasses this large, I’m digging the look. I ended up picking up a few other pairs of Oxydo’s from the crazy cool collection of sunnies at Nordstrom. If you want to check it out, click here.

Oxydo Society Sunglasses / Topman Coat / Simon Miller Shirt