Scout Sixteen - Tretorn #Tretorn125

Strides in Montauk

Scout Sixteen - Tretorn #Tretorn125 Scout Sixteen - Tretorn #Tretorn125

You may remember that a few months ago, I joined Tretorn (one of my favorite footwear brands) in Montauk to film a video about my journey to the Hamptons as part of the brand’s #Tretorn125 activation. As a follow up to that trip, I had the opportunity to head back out to Montauk for a whirlwind weekend with Tretorn to help promote their fantastic pop-up shop at The Surf Lodge.

If you’re not familiar, Montauk – which is – affectionately known as “The End” for its location at the eastern-most tip of Long Island, New York – has become one of the must-visit destinations in the Hamptons and a staple in weekend getaways for New Yorkers who want to reap the benefits of working hard all week.

As part of their partnership with The Surf Lodge, Tretorn showcased the latest and greatest options from their current and upcoming collections, which beach-side revelers had the chance to buy on-site! I even snagged myself a new pair of rubberized boots – which’ll come in handy once the weather starts turning in the next few weeks!

Scout Sixteen - Tretorn #Tretorn125 Scout Sixteen - Tretorn #Tretorn125

I can’t thank Tretorn enough for allowing me to tag along for a wonderful weekend away. I honestly had such a blast! If you want to find out more about Tretorn or shop their current collection, click here.

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