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I’m a fairly simple guy when it comes my accessory choices, but when it comes to my phone – I like a little bling. Ever since the iPhone 5s was released, I had my eyes set on that golden beauty. I felt like Harry Potter chasing the snitch… I tried everything to get a hold of that delightfully flaxen phone. Thankfully, I discovered eBay’s Simple Flow microsite, sold my phone, and am now the proud owner of the gold iPhone 5s.

Normally, I don’t talk much about tech here on Scout Sixteen – but I have to say that using eBay’s Simple Flow was – as the name suggests – very simple. The process works like this: (1) You choose the phone model you’re looking to sell, (2) select the carrier, and (3) report the condition. From there, eBay Simple Flow creates an eBay selling page for your phone. Once it sells, it’s money in your pocket (or money towards that beautiful new iPhone 5s gold). I actually had two iPhones laying around so I was able to sell both and make enough to purchase the new phone.

Isn’t she a beauty? Don’t be lazy this year, start selling those phones. It’s lucrative, worthwhile, and simple.

(For those who’ll ask… my new iPhone case is from J.Crew)

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