Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting

Season’s Givings

Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting
Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting Scout Sixteen - Holiday Gifting

Without question, Christmas is my favorite holiday. Once Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are nothing more than memories of yesterday, I can’t help but be overcome with giddy joy like it’s the last day of school before summer. While (like any normal honest person) I love receiving gifts, I love gift-giving so much more. Growing up, my parents forced encouraged us to spend time (not necessarily money) crafting a meaningful gift for each of the other siblings. I always opted for “grand gestures” like macaroni necklaces, hand-sewn tampon holsters or something as equally unwelcome and borderline inappropriate. The sentiment was there but thankfully my gifting abilities have graduated charm school.

With any gifting opportunity, I try and put some serious thought behind it… because let’s be honest, it’s not just the thought that counts. This is especially true during the winter holidays when everyone is walking around with joys in their hearts and elastic waists in their pants (to prepare for your crazy Aunt Carol’s inevitable ten-course Christmas dinner). I always try to spend at least a day ruminating on gift ideas before pulling the trigger. But what if you’re not as cautious a gift-giver as I am? Not to worry… I’ve got your back. Read on.

I partnered with, one of my favorite places to snag unexpected and fun tees and cool housewares, to take the guesswork out of purchasing holiday gifts for those special guys (and gals!) in your life this season. Here’s the thing: Fab carries the items you never knew you had to have, like this taxidermy unicorn (need!) or this gummy bears iPhone case (jesus yes!). I buy a lot of last-minute gifts on Fab. Granted, a lot of these gifts are for myself because I have no chill. But no judgment zone here, right? #treatyourself

I’ve put together 5 guides aimed at gifting for both the hard-to-please coworkers and those easy-on-the-eyes boyfriends/girlfriends. I’ve also taken one of my shops (for ‘The Shopper’) off the page and into the streets by selecting some of my personal favorite pieces:

My Picks: Men In Cities Backpack | City of Neighbourhoods New York Beanie | YHF Sunglasses | NAVA Ora Lattea Watch | Luxury Rap Prada Tee | Native Union Marble Phone Case

So, go ahead – kick off your shoes and grab a cup of hot chocolate while you look around… because yes, you’re going to be here a while, and yes, I’m fully enabling your new online obsession. You’re so very welcome.

Happy Holidays!


The Minimalist

-perfect for the friend who thinks less is more-

(clockwise from top left) Fredrik Broden’s Donut | Lino Russo ‘Skymetric 2’ Print | Cult Paper ‘Let’s French’ T-Shirt | Native Union USB Key Ring | Curated Basics “Poison” Cigarette Case | XY Find It Tracking Beacons | Crosley Record Player | Way Basics Bookcase | Native Union Marble iPhone Case


The Jet-Setter

-perfect for the friend who spends more time in the air than on the ground-

(clockwise from top left) Curated Basics Reversible Scarf | MyWalit Luggage Tag | ESPEROS Porter Briefcase | Swiza Spinner Suitcase | RAINS Waterproof Duffel Bag | Caeden Linea No. 2 In-Ear Headphones | Boostcase iPhone Case | Men In Cities Passport Holder | MiPow Wireless Headphones

The Student of Life

-perfect for the friend who can’t get enough of pop culture-

Storm Trooper Lapel Pin | Kale T-Shirt | Nespresso D40 Titan | Men In Cities Flask | Boomax Wireless Speaker | Solé Bicycle | Lark + Raven Dick Throw Pillow | Beard Buddy Beard Kit | Evolg Shearling Mittens

The Cheeky Creator

-perfect for the eclectic friend who values quirky and crafty-

Meku XO Donut Stackable Mugs | iZZi iPhone Case | Jaqet Wallet | Indy Plush Gorilla Doll | Mokuyobi Threads Vacation Patch Set | Curated Basics Paisley Watch | Brooklyn Brew Beer-Making Kit | The Little Red House Siamese Cat Cushion | Goose Grease Modern Art Masters Set

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