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Scout Sixteen - Adam Levine Collection Scout Sixteen - Adam Levine Collection Scout Sixteen - Adam Levine Collection Scout Sixteen - Adam Levine Collection Scout Sixteen - Adam Levine Collection

The potential for great style isn’t limited to your budget; I’ve always been a firm believer that style doesn’t have to be expensive. While I enjoy splurging on a small handful of pricier additions to my wardrobe each year, most of my favorite pieces are affordable on any budget. The equation is (1) define your personality for the day, and (2) dress for it. That confidence (that comes from dressing for yourself) is the garden where style blooms.

Retailers like Kmart have always been an important part of my style equation because I know I can snag a few trendier pieces at a fraction of the price of high-end boutiques. Growing up, I couldn’t afford any of the pricier popular mall brands like Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister. My budget limited my spend but I didn’t let it limit my style. I shopped Kmart for fashionable items that I could mix-and-match in my wardrobe… and guess what happened? I was voted Best-Dressed at school [wipes shoulder off].

Recently, Marcel (from OneDapperStreet) and I got the chance to explore the newest season from the Adam Levine Collection, available at Kmart. Scout’s honor, the collection is a fantastic representation of Adam’s cool and collected rock star aesthetic. My favorite pieces from the collection were this slick leather jacket and a spectacular ombré shirt.

I loved that collection designer Kevin Christiana, whom some of you might know from Project Runway fame, was able to effortlessly translate the style of a global musician into incredibly affordable pieces that can make anyone from a small-town Mississippian to a jet-setting New Yorker feel like a rockstar.

If you haven’t checked out the full collection, you can see the full selection in store or online. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Adam Levine Collection Jacket / Adam Levine Collection Shirt / APC Denim / CAT Footwear

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