New York Men's Fashion Blogger Justin Livingston - Scout Sixteen / Red Sweater, Plaid Trousers

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New York Men's Fashion Blogger Justin Livingston - Scout Sixteen / Red Sweater, Plaid TrousersNew York Men's Fashion Blogger Justin Livingston - Scout SixteenNew York Men's Fashion Blogger Justin Livingston - Scout Sixteen / Red Sweater, Plaid Trousers

Excuse my lack of posting this week – it’s been a bit hectic. However, starting tomorrow – I’ll be keeping a regular schedule with 5-6 posts per week! With New York Fashion Week out of the way and my ‘big move’ complete, I feel like I can breathe again.

I’d like to discuss a pain point of mine: pants. I have the hardest time finding pants/trousers that work for me. I have a small waist but athletic legs. If I buy pants to fit my waist, my legs look like two sausages encased in fabric. On the flip side, pants that fit my legs are far too baggy around my waist. It’s rare that I find a happy medium, but these Zara plaid trousers were amazing – slim-cut, trendy and breathable. Do any of you share my pain points? What are yours?


Zara Plaid Trousers (similar) / H&M Sweater (similar) / Apt. 9 Shoes / H&M Belt (similar) / Sisco + Berluti Bracelet

  1. I have the EXACT same issue with pants. I too have a small waist and athletic legs with small ankles, finding the most suitable jeans are the hardest as they might fit my waist and thighs but once it hits the shin and ankle….Sigh, there goes my “perfect fit”… I have yet to find the perfect jean but Topman trousers work really well for me.

  2. oh my word, men’s pants.

    I’m a very slight guy, but I’ve still got a masculine build which makes things even more complicated. Under 130 lbs at 5′ 9″, I’ve got the legs of a Kate Moss without a razor juxtaposed against shoulders wider than most men I’ve ever met at my weight. Equalizing is so tough, especially with such a small waist. I typically have found myself having to resort to just wearing women’s pants, ESPECIALLY when it comes to jeans. The fine line between pants that are small enough without going full blown skin tight. I typically end up with a bearded masculine from-the-neck-up and an accidentally androgynous silhouette. Such is life haha

  3. I have the exact same problem. Zara usually fits pretty well for a small waist and athletic legs. Tiger of Sweden tends to be a more upscale/durable alternative for trousers. I love H&M for shorts that don’t choke my quadriceps and thighs, but still suit my waist. And my favorite skinny jeans are from Hudson.

    PS: Obsessed with those pants!

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