Scout Sixteen - PacSun Camo Cargo

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Scout Sixteen - PacSun Camo Cargo Scout Sixteen - PacSun Camo Cargo Scout Sixteen - PacSun Camo Cargo

Back in grade school, there were few articles of clothing more conducive to “casual cool” than cargo pants. I wanted so badly to emulate the swagger that those 8th grade casanovas; unfortunately, I was still trying to make overalls a thing. They say fashion comes full circle and – in this case – it surely does. I recently discovered this pair of fitted camouflage cargo pants from PacSun. If you’ve been looking for a good pair, you don’t have to look much further.

My favorite part about these cargo pants is their ability to be both dressed down for a Saturday afternoon or dressed up a bit for a Monday meeting. Camouflage in its truest sense. Would you wear them?

PacSun Camo Cargo Pants (also available in Khaki Cargo) / Warriors of Radness T-Shirt (similar) / Onassis VestMuji Sweater (similar) / Vans Sneakers / Timberland Boots

Scout Sixteen - PacSun Camo Cargo Scout Sixteen - PacSun Camo Cargo

  1. Hey Justin, great look. I’ve been wanting to dip my toes into both the camo and cargo waters, and these pants are pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. I checked them out on the PacSun website, and they look much looser. Did you have yours altered at all, or size down, or should I be good to go (I know sometimes modeling/fits in e-commerce pictures is misleading).

    1. You’re right… e-commerce photos can be misleading. I have pretty athletic legs; my pair are in a size 29. I like the more “tailored” fit than going up a size and having them be a bit looser.

      This PacSun pair also tapers a bit so it gives the leg a great shape! Hope that helps 🙂 Cheers!

      1. Just got around ordering these, are yours somewhat different than the one seen in the picture on pacsun’s website? The pair i received does not have the back pocket stitching and instead of a white label on the back, there is a metal red one. Not really a big deal, just curious.

  2. I wear my camo cargos, I have a cotton pair from Dockers and a wool pair from last years Gap x GQ, with a chambray or denim shirt and a pair or Common Projects Burgundy Achilles sneakers.

  3. I have to say that they look pretty nice! I’ll have to get a pair. I like how they are more tailored to you. Normally I think of cargo pants as being loose and sloppy but with the right fit they look awesome!

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