Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln Continental

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Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln Continental

Some weeks, time passes at the speed of light. Other weeks, each minute seems to move at a glacial pace. No matter how fast or slow my day moves, there’s nothing sweeter than when I finally get the chance to wind down and relax. I’ll meet friends for happy hour, snag a bench at Union Square Park to catch up on the latest best-seller, or take the train into Soho for a little after-work retail therapy – whatever it is, I get to do it on my time which is the most gratifying part.

Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln Continental Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln Continental

I recently had the chance to team up with the Lincoln Motor Company and sneak peek the new 2017 Lincoln Continental… and let me tell you, it’s incredible! As a guy on-the-go who values his off-duty time, I was so stoked to see the bevy of innovative and luxurious features:

  • the E-Latch and available Cinch technology that allow you to effortlessly enter and exit the vehicle with the touch of a button – essentially, the doors securely open and close with extremely little effort. Genius!
  • the Lighted Embrace feature is just epic because, get this, the Continental will greet you with exterior LED lights as you approach and, upon entry into the vehicle, you’ll get to watch as the interior technology comes to life with lighted ambience.
  • and, my absolute favorite, the available 30-way Perfect Position Seats give you the celebrity-treatment by allowing you to fully personalize them to your liking – including available massaging (perfect for road trips), heating and cooling capability, and an extending foot rest for ultimate comfort… this must be how celebrities feel when they travel!

Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln Continental Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln ContinentalScout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln Continental

The 2017 Lincoln Continental just raised the bar across the board and I couldn’t be more infatuated. It’s elegant, serene and, as always, powerful in the most effortless way… and who wouldn’t want to be described the same way, am I right? It’s like Lincoln took the best aspects of my favorite after-work spots and put them into one vehicle. Speaking of, here are some of my favorites:

  • for great food, I’ll turn off-the-beaten path spots like Soothsayer (shown in the images), Pasquale Jones or Mace Bar for a posh meet-up.
  • for the best shopping, I’ll hit up mainstay neighborhoods like Soho, Noho, and Lower East Side, where the best (and sometimes hidden) fashion and lifestyle boutiques reside.
  • for places to relax, I like taking a stroll through one of the many museums to take in a little history lesson or catch an afternoon showing of award-nominees at the Angelika Film Center.

To speak briefly about my outfit – it was inspired by elegant and contemporary personality of the 2017 Continental. My sleek neutral suits get a modern twist with a muted peach tee and slim black leather dress boots. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I love giving a suit a casually elegant edge – so infusing the ambience of the 2017 Continental was breezy.

Before I leave you to your day, I wanted to let you know that if you’re looking for a car that offers a sanctuary even more Zen than your favorite after-work activity, look no further than the 2017 Lincoln Continental… your body, mind, and garage will thank you.

Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston / 2017 Lincoln Continental

The 2017 Lincoln Continental also offers an available state-of-the-art Revel® audio system that puts concert-level acoustics at your fingertips. I’ve created the ultimate playlist for when you get your hands on the 2017 Continental and hit the open road. Let me know in the comments what you think and which effortlessly powerful songs you’d add to the list!

This story is brought to you by the Lincoln Motor Company.

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