Polo Ralph Lauren 'Red' Cologne Polo Ralph Lauren 'Red' Cologne Polo Ralph Lauren 'Red' Cologne Polo Ralph Lauren 'Red' Cologne

Twice a year, I add a new scent to my cologne collection. This season, it’s Polo Ralph Lauren’s Red cologne. With strong notes of red sage and red saffron balanced by subtle notes of fragrant coffee beans and burnt wood, this masculine scent is perfect for winter. It has an energizing feel to it, which is fitting for the name—“red” symbolizes a ferocious spirit and strong character. This spicy composition is the brainchild of famous nose, Olivier Gillotin.

This week, the scent was a perfect pairing for my plaid shirt and braided sweater. I’m trying to ration out the bottle because, Lord knows, I’ll end up bathing in it. Gotta love new cologne.

What scents are you loving this season?

Polo Ralph Lauren Red Cologne / J.Crew Plaid Shirt / Cheap Monday Sweater (similar)


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  • Ryan Everett

    Dolce and Gabbana The One is my holiday scent. I’m obsessed.


  • Anja Skrba

    I like Ralph Lauren fragrances! As a girl, I can tell U that theres NOTHING like the smell of a good men parfume that can make ANY girl want the guy even more! Or even if she didn’t like the guy at all at the first place! :) So guys, I have to agree with Justin on this, the Red Colone is REALLY a good scent for the winter -not too agressive, not to mild.


  • http://www.bucketsandspadesblog.com/ Matthew Pike

    Never actually smelt this one, even though you do see it a lot. I have an RL Double Black which is similar to Black but a little duller but really nice all the same. Also like CdG Encens

    Buckets & Spades