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Park Place

Scout Sixteen - Justin LivingstonScout Sixteen - Justin LivingstonScout Sixteen - Justin LivingstonScout Sixteen - Justin Livingston

I can’t speak for everyone but… moving is the worst. I spend three days packing everything up only to spend about 2 hours tearing it down and making a nice, enormous mess. I wish you could just throw everything into one big crate and have it dumped in your new apartment. Silly fantasies aside, I’m moving today. And, again, it’s the absolute worst. I love my new apartment but getting my belongings there is not fun. I’m excited to show you guys the photos of my new place. I think you’ll really enjoy it!

These photos were taken a week or so back in Madison Square Park. Christina and I decided we would treat ourselves to burgers (and fries and shakes) from Shake Shack. If you haven’t been to Shake Shack, you haven’t lived. That is all…


Nudie Jean Sweater / Nudie Jeans Trousers / Topman Coat / Matt Bernson Loafers

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