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7 For All Mankind - Scout Sixteen7 For All Mankind - Scout Sixteen

Sometimes I tell fibs, like the time I said my prom date looked pretty with her hair in partial cornrows. Or the time I said I was in high school so I could save $2.50 on a student ticket to Hunger Games. But my most impressive fib is when I tell people my closet is organized. That is, until this weekend…

Most mornings are spent diving into piles of un-folded, un-ironed garments hoping to pull out the one pant that isn’t wrinkled beyond recognition. (Editor’s note: I’m not what you would define as a ‘morning person’) I’ve been meaning to start organizing my closet but, to be honest, I’ve accumulated so much stuff that I feel more fit for an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive rather than a special on HGTV. However – this past weekend – I tackled the impossible!

Closet Organization Tips:

1. Organize by season, instead of color or item. You’ll have an easier time finding items appropriate for the weather.

2. Save space by keeping out-of-season items in boxes under your bed (or in a hall closet).

3. Set up “zones”… Low rods hold pants and blazers. Middle rods hold button-up shirts, etc.

4. Fold t-shirts and “file” them into a drawer like you would file papers. It saves space and keeps them neat.

5. Keeping shoes off the floor helps eliminate unsightly scuffs and collected dust.

6. Do not put sweaters on hangers. It will ruin the shape!

7. Purchase colorful boxes to keep your odds and ends out of sight: belts, cufflinks, socks and undergarments.

8. Most importantly, plan a time each season to edit your wardrobe. Keeping your closet lean will help keep your style (and organization) in check!

Thanks to 7 For All Mankind, I am bringing my New Year’s resolutions to life. From starting a juice cleanse to hosting dinner parties, I’m checking goals off my wish list. If you’re looking to make your goals come to life, shop 7 For All Mankind so you look your best both inside and out!


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