Morning Rituals

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My days are always fairly hectic. Because my job requires almost 24-hour attention, even my Saturdays tend to run away from me. A few years ago, I implemented a firm rule for myself: the first forty-five minutes of my morning were mine and mine alone. That means no work, no phone calls, nada… just recalibrating myself (however I see fit) before diving into my day. Over the last few months, my morning ritual has been:

  1. Wake up to the third snooze of my 7AM alarm.
  2. Be confused for at least 30 seconds about where I am or what day it is.
  3. Toss on whatever pajama pants are near the floor of my bed and walk to the deli next door.
  4. Grab a coffee or juice and the New York Times.
  5. Prepare an easy breakfast that requires no mental skill or cooking prowess.
  6. Spend at minimum 10 minutes falling down the rabbit hole that is my Instagram ‘Explore’ tab.
  7. Migrate over to my dining table and finally start feeling awake (alive?).
  8. Try to understand the sports page of the NYT and instead find the Arts Section because that’s easier on my brain.
  9. Inevitably end up watching beauty videos on Instagram… again. Wasting no less than 15 minutes.
  10. Realize that 45 minutes flew by way too fast and contemplate a shower, inevitably deciding to shower “later” (a completely unspecified unit of measuring time).

This is pretty much every morning for me. Deliciously lazy, right? From 8AM onwards, my day is a total mess but those first forty-five minutes are absolute bliss.

I should note, I’m actually quite skilled in the kitchen but for breakfast I like to get the most flavor out of the least effort, so I usually opt for some kind of bowl option. Lately, I’ve been loving the simple (but tasty as hell) combination of noosa yoghurt with berries, flaxseed, cocoa nibs, and a dash of honey. It’s thick, creamy, velvety, and tart – basically everything I like/want/need/demand in a breakfast (or snack).



If you’re not familiar with noosa yoghurt, you’ve definitely seen them in your supermarket. They’re the quirky colorful tubs with the graphic presence. The brand prides itself on small-batch production from a family farm in Colorado – and honestly, you can taste the homemade love in every spoonful.

Recently, noosa unveiled an amazing new arsenal of tart&sweet flavor combinations: orange & ginger, strawberry & hibiscus, and pear & cardamom. If you were a fan of noosa before, get ready to become a disciple because these flavors are UNREAL. What I love most about these new flavors is that they stand out on their own but also lend themselves to your own creative culinary design. My favorite bowl masterpiece has been adding real strawberries, blueberries, and cocoa nibs to the strawberry & hibiscus. Top it off with a dollop of almond butter and you’ve basically created a powerhouse breakfast – protein, probiotics, and a punch of antioxidants.

If you’re ready to send your taste buds to flavor heaven, head on over to Target stores where these noosa’s new flavor tubs have recently launched. Look for the bright lids – seriously, you can’t miss ‘em! Also, noosa has graciously offered this coupon that you can use to save on your purchase

So how would you dress up your noosa? No matter how you enjoy it, you’re in for a real treat!


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