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Monday Madness

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Mondays used to be the bane of my existence. Knowing that my weekend was put to rest because of Monday was enough for me to loathe that day to my core. That is, until last month, when I started looking at Mondays in a whole new way.

A friend of mine mentioned that he uses Mondays as a sort of in-between time: in between the fun and work, in between the busy and serene – almost like a 24-hour bridge into his productivity. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve made it a habit to insert fun into my Monday in two 2-hour blocks.

From 10-12PM, I’ll take a lunch or coffee break with a friend, run some errands, or walk my local park. From 3-5PM, I’ll kick back with a good book, catch up on a show, or jump back in to one of my hobbies. My Mondays typically don’t end until around 7:30 but I’ve found I’m far more productive when I ease myself into my work week.

But no Monday is successful without that casual confidence that comes from jumping out of your sweats (even though of course we’d all love to stay in them all day) and slipping into something more work-appropriate. I’ve loved the new soft-wash plaid shirts that EXPRESS has released in their spring collection. They’re incredibly comfortable and add a happy dose of color to my otherwise neutral wardrobe! Plus, paired with EXPRESS’s new stretch jeans (which are the absolute next best thing to pajamas), I’m walking on air.

I’d encourage each of you to give casual Mondays a go… but don’t forget to wear your Monday best [wink]

EXPRESS Soft Wash Shirt | EXPRESS Stretch Denim

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