Scout Sixteen - Forever21 Denim

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Scout Sixteen - Forever21 Denim Scout Sixteen - Forever21 Denim Scout Sixteen - Forever21 Denim

When I step leg-by-leg into a pair of ripped denim, I’m immersed at once in a strange sense of sheer joy. Sounds psychotic, right? Hear me out.

Dig deep through the layers and piles in your closet for your oldest pair of denim. Put them on and it’s like sinking into the most wonderful of chambray clouds. Ripped denim gives me that feeling. The worn-in and worn-well quality of a pair of jeans is an immediate sell for me. I’ll gladly pay good money for jeans but the priciest jeans on the market aren’t always your best choice.

I snagged this pair at Forever21 – that’s right – the fast-fashion chain known for its impressive teen following. Well, guys, they’ve created one amazing pair of jeans… this pair in particular. I won’t say much else but try it for yourself. Most of their options are under $40, so you won’t be breaking the bank!

Forever21 Denim | Original Penguin Jacket | Frank & Oak Hoodie | CAT Footwear Boots

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