Mellow Yellow

Y’all know I love my neutrals: white, black, cream, navy, olive, etc. Basically any color that gets me in a moody mood. But recently, I’ve been trying to break out into more colorful pieces… and this yellow puffer is definitely doing it for me. I stopped into Abercrombie last week to pick up some cold weather essentials like puffer jackets, fall denim, and other great layering pieces. While there, I spied this cashmere hoodie and HAD TO HAVE IT. Honestly, y’all, it’s one of the most comfortable items I’ve ever owned!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorites down below… which ones are you favorites? Let me know!

And if you get a chance, head on over to or stop by your closest retail store because they have a slew of incredible pieces. They’re slowly becoming my go-to favorite retailer for everything… as evidenced by how often you see A&F pieces on my Instagram. They recently did a beautiful rebranding that added in some vintage, collegiate flavor to their pieces and it’s just perfect.

WEARING: Yellow Puffer | Cashmere Hoodie | Cream Denim


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