Scout Sixteen - Apolis x Scribe Winery Scout Sixteen - Apolis x Scribe Winery Scout Sixteen - Apolis x Scribe Winery Scout Sixteen - Apolis x Scribe Winery

I normally flip the bird to my diet once fall weather hits because, honestly, I have no plans of any person seeing me without my shirt but this season will be different and I’m going to eat healthier. (My friends have bets to see how long this will last). I’ve been heading to the Union Square Greenmarket each Wednesday and Saturday to pick up farm-fresh vegetables and gluten-free snacks. Ever since I started using this amazing market tote (a collaboration between Apolis and Scribe Winery), my trips to the market have been less chore-ridden and more adventurous. After I stock up on vitals, I pop into my local wine shop for two (or ten) bottles of my favorite robust red wines to get me through the chilly nights.

These photos were shot by my new favorite duo – Cup of Couple. Check them out if you haven’t already!

H&M Sweater (similar) / Hanes T-Shirt / 3×1 Denim / ECCO Shoes (similar) / Apolis + Scribe Tote



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  • Demarco Wills

    This jacket is amazing. Olive green is my favorite color, and I think it perfectly captures the essence of fall. This outfit will be my blueprint for my fall wardrobe. Great post!


  • jakobinthecity

    The jacket certainly fell into the category of ‘must haves’.

    Cup of Couple have an awesome blog, began following their blog about a month ago.


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  • Alex Montilla

    It´s a great choice to at least try to eat healthier because it brings a lot of benefits.
    I was really excited to see this shoot with cup of couple! the result is awesome. You´re my favorite bloggers.


  • Philippe Girard

    Fresh vegetables, Rice milk, Gluten Free, chicken, and healthy products will be perfect for your fall/winter :)


  • Ioana-Iuliana Fagadariu

    good for u! good luck !


  • Roy Herrera

    awesome! but what about the watch? :(


  • Joe’s Daily

    I have that H&M sweater in black. Love it.