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Some of my fondest summer memories involve hanging out by the lake with friends. We’d spend the first half of the day swimming and taking turns high-flying off the rope swing, while the latter half of the day was spent reading good books or chowing down on snacks. Suffice it to say, I need a ‘lake day’ very soon.

When surrounded by greenery, I like to slip into what I dub my ‘modern camouflage’ – a bevy of coppery neutrals with a bold pattern peppered in. With this look, the cardigan, tote, and sandals help lay a washed foundation while these cheeky Vilebrequin shorts truly make the pop without feeling overstated. I discovered Vilebrequin a year or so back and have been a fan ever since. MyHABIT is actually hosting a fantastic sale with Vilebrequin, so be sure to check it out.

01. Loopwheeler Cardigan / 02. Steven Alan Glasses / 03. Vilebrequin Trunks / 04. Baggu Duck Tote / 05. Timex for J.Crew Watch / 07. Finger Sandals

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