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Scout Sixteen - Jawbone UP24 Scout Sixteen - Jawbone UP24 Scout Sixteen - Jawbone UP24

A few weeks ago, I bought myself the Jawbone UP24. If you not familiar with it, this stylish little bracelet tracks both your sleep and your walking. You might be thinking it’s nothing more than a glorified pedometer but I’ve been very impressed with not only its accuracy but also its impressive analysis of my sleeping patterns. Sleep is my one true love and I certainly don’t get enough of it. I figured this would be the perfect early Christmas gift for myself.

I actually picked this one up from Nordstrom. I hadn’t realized Nordstrom had such an extensive collection of tech gifts. I even found a few extra items that were perfect for a few people on my list who have (almost) everything. Nordstrom has unknowingly become my one-stop shop for last-minute Christmas gifts. I’ve included some of my favorites tech ideas below…

Jawbone UP24 / Shore Projects Watch / Simon Miller Shirt

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