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Holidays at Home

Scout Sixteen - Gucci Holidays Scout Sixteen - Gucci Holidays Scout Sixteen - Gucci Holidays Scout Sixteen - Gucci Holidays Scout Sixteen - Gucci Holidays

Well, I finally made it home for the holidays and I couldn’t be more excited. For the next ten days, I’ll be corralled to the homes of different relatives and family friends, talking about New York City, and explaining what a “blogger does” for the umpteenth time. Sounds exciting, right? Jokes aside, I’m incredibly thankful to have such a wonderful, supportive family and I couldn’t imagine the Christmas holiday without them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m helping Gucci tell their holiday story this Christmas. I thought what better way to keep weaving the tale than bring the story to Mississippi for the holidays! I’m headed to a festive party this evening and wanted to spruce myself up a bit, so I’ve opted for one of my favorites from Gucci – this floral bow tie.

And we can’t forget my “so-worth-it” ultimate splurge this season, this Gucci duffle bag that got me through a full 18 hours of (heinous) traveling in style. I can’t count the number of times strangers came up to me to remark on this bag – “what a smart-looking duffle!” and “now that is one beautiful carry-on” were two of the most frequent. I’d love to say I was getting all the attention but it was most certainly the bag.

If you haven’t already checked out some of Gucci’s holiday selections, it’s about time. As for me, I’m off to drink too much egg nog and scarf down some fruitcake… all in my beautiful new bow tie. But first, a selfie.

Gucci Bowtie / Gucci Duffle Bag / 7FAM Button-Down (last season)

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