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Christmas is full of love, laughter and tradition.  One of my favorite traditions is getting to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. Growing up in Mississippi, my family would drive to a local tree farm with an ax and a thermos of the most delicious homemade hot chocolate. Unfortunately, living in New York City, I don’t have the luxury of cutting down my own tree. Thankfully, a little Christmas magic awaits just down the road.

It’s quite a phenomenon to see. Festive lights hang overhead and the sounds of time-tested carols chime from every direction. St. Mark’s Church (located just a few blocks from my East Village apartment) provides a little piece of holiday heaven amid the bustling, urban chaos of New York City. It’s only a single street block but time literally stops when you enter. In that moment, my favorite holiday memories don’t seem so distant. Hundreds of Christmas firs line the street, filling my nose with familiar scents and bringing me back to December nights in front of the fireplace with my family. It’s a visceral feeling, something that can’t quite be fully understood with words, but it’s a feeling I don’t want to forget.

Even when December melts away and the New Year has passed, these pictures keep the memory alive. Shooting with my Nikon D800 ensures that my most cherished moments aren’t soon forgotten. It’s odd, even now, I can still smell the firs…

Uniqlo Jacket / Old Navy T-Shirt / 3×1 Jeans / Old Navy Scarf / Topman Boots

*shot with the amazing Nikon D800 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens*

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