Scout Sixteen - Miracle Gro

Growing Potential

Scout Sixteen - Miracle Gro Scout Sixteen - Miracle Gro Scout Sixteen - Miracle Gro

Six years ago, I wasn’t the guy I am today. I was scared of where life was taking me – worried that I wouldn’t measure up to the dreams I had embraced for so long. My environment was suffocating me, yet even more stifling was the lack of opportunities in my life.

It’s only recently that I’ve begun to realize the restraints in my life were self-inflicted. Once I opened myself up and allowed mentors to help shape my future; I started believing in my potential. My friends think it’s a bit strange, but I revel in my green thumb… I can’t pinpoint why but I absolutely love plants; more specifically – I like succulents.  (They’re often the scrawniest of houseplants but I think they’re beautiful.) Did you know some can grow up to 100 times their size? Watching their growth and caring for them in the same ways that I have watched myself grow has helped me see my full potential.   With a little love, nurturing and a careful habitat, a little guy can reach his full potential – just like I did! Each of us holds the seed – a possibility for absolute, mind-boggling greatness. In the right environment, that seed becomes a tree with roots and a legacy. And who wouldn’t want to leave a legacy…

I created this short photo series with Miracle Gro as part of their Grow Something Greater campaign – because when you grow,  you grow more than just plants. I know some of you must have an amazing story of growth. As part of the campaign, we’re challenging you to share your own Grow Something Greater story with the world. Share your story, and use the hashtag #GrowSomethingGreater for a chance to win a Grow Kit. Enter by April 15th- open to US residents only.


  • Taylor Bennett

    One of my favorite blogs you’ve done! You inspire me dude! Also, I have a succulent problem. I may live like fifteen in different areas of my house.

  • Royal Wang

    Hey,Justin,i find your blog by accident,and i just now went through your site,i do adore the work you done here,and you look handsome,you have no idea that you just easily get a fans,i will be here reading your blog forever

    I am Royal, you are warm welcome to my blog

  • Tony to Wear

    Beautiful copy. Thanks for being an inspiration :)

  • Gabriel Rafael

    Love a good post that inspires people to do something about personal and interpersonal growth!

  • Stav Navé

    Great post. If you love succulents, you should check out the outside wall of Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Angeles in LA. It’s all succulents.. Here’s one of them:

  • lonnietapia

    Hey, Justin. Heads up, something weirdo is going on with those links. Nice post, btw. Love the first pic, too.