Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays

Fresh for the Holidays

Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays

Holiday travel can be both a blessing and a curse. Almost 50% of Americans will spend at least one night away from home, which means there will be 160 million grumpy travelers crowding airports, train stations, and long stretches of highway. It is imperative to find ways to streamline the process so we can bathe in joyful holiday spirits rather than ending up like a modern day Uncle Scrooge.

I’ve elaborated on travel tips before but one of the easiest ways to de-stress your holiday travel is by learning to pack lightly and efficiently. Light packing can help eliminate unwanted distress while inevitably waiting around in the lobby of an airport or train station. To piggy back off some of my previous packing tips, I’ve partnered with Joe Fresh this season to give a fresh take on Packing Like A Pro. I’m heading upstate with some friends for the holidays, so I’m packing my wintry essentials like coats, boots, and scarves!

But without further ado, here are some easy tips to bring some joy back into your holiday travel for short haul trips…

  1. Roll shirt, pants, jackets, and winter accessories to prevent wrinkling in transit. Rolled items will also take up far less space than haphazard folding.
  2. Pack 2 small-bin garbage bags to wrap your dirty clothes in.
  3. Keep all of your toiletries in a Ziploc bag so you can breeze through security at the airport. If you get stopped, all of your bathroom essentials will be handy.
  4. Once packed, remove one shirt and one pant because you certainly won’t need it. I know you won’t believe me (and you’ll overpack anyways because we all do) but it’ll save room for any knick-knacks that may return home with you.
  5. The usual rule is to pack one pair of underwear for each day you’ll be traveling, I always add +1 to that number so I never run into trouble. The same goes for contact lenses and glasses – you don’t want to get stuck without them.
  6. Pack light layers that can easily mix-and-match so your outfit options are endless.
  7. Resist last minute urges to pack extras (like extra t-shirts). Give yourself 30 minutes of time before you leave for the airport to edit what you’ve put in your bag. Always aim to take at least 2 items out.

And if you need some inspiration on what to pack, here are some of my favorites from Joe Fresh

Scout Sixteen - Joe Fresh for the Holidays

Black Henley | Red Puffer Jacket | Cable Knit Cap | Grey Corduroy Pants | White Hoodie | Red Scarf | Duck Boots | Underwear | Green Corduroy Pants | Heather Grey Cashmere Sweater | Grey Fleece Jacket

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