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Every New Year, I make resolutions that I undoubtedly don’t, won’t, or can’t keep. Maybe it’s my capacity for dreaming or maybe it’s the fault of my human condition to yearn for a better existence… either way, I decided that this year was going to be different. In partnership with Express, I’ve been challenged to bring my resolutions back down to Earth; it’s time I set myself up for success instead of my usual New Year’s failures. (Because, let’s be honest, by this point into the year I’ve usually already faulted on at least half of my resolutions. I blame Chipotle!)

Last year, I traveled too much, worked too hard, and let a lot of my interpersonal relationships suffer because of it. I spent so much time focused on my “online life” that my real world became consumed. So for 2017, I’ve made one resolution: to “log off” for at least an hour and a half each day. That’s 90 minutes of time to catch on the latest bestseller, meet a friend for lunch, or volunteer at my local shelter… and not checking my phone once. Freedom! Technology made a wasteland of my personal time in 2016 and I won’t let that happen this year… no way, José!

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Today, I’m spending 90 minutes with a relaxing cup of joe mentally prepping my week ahead and then heading out to explore my new neighborhood. I moved back in to the East Village right before Christmas and I’ve already found some hidden gems! I picked up a few new cold-weather pieces from Express last month that have helped me layer like a pro. I absolutely love this cozy sweater and jean combination – and this bomber jacket is like icing on the cake. (Ps – I’ve honestly never met a bomber jacket I didn’t love.) If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to help you add some serious style to your New Year, New You attitude, look no further than Express. Plus, they always have amazing deals in-store and online!

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Thank you to Express for partnering with me on this post.

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