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Spend the afternoon roaming around the neighborhood with my sister. Honestly, that’s about as exciting as your agenda will get when the other daily tasks include “buying books” and “make lunch”. Oh, the joys of being on holiday… in warm 70 degree weather! What a “winter”! There is this great wooden dock near my parent’s house in Tennessee that made for an interesting backdrop. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my outfit from the recent snow day in New York City… Damn, I love snow.

American Apparel Shirt / H&M Jeans / Converse Sneakers / Giles & Brother Bracelet / George Frost Bracelet


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  • gajgla

    this dude is wearing that… in winter. lol


    ScoutSixteen Reply:

    Believe it or not… It’s 70 degrees here :) WARM!


  • mralexburch

    Gorgeous outfit! So nice!

    Àlex Burch


  • Alex Montilla

    What an easy wear outfit! Really like this look and you look totally great.


  • Gabriel Rafael

    Makes me miss the summer! Even our tame Texas ‘winter’ is a bit too chilly today!