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Curing Indecision

Scout Sixteen - Go DoobleScout Sixteen - Go Dooble Scout Sixteen - Go Dooble

Last week, Bonnie (my roommate + resident best friend) and I got the chance to escape the unbearable summer heat by ducking into Randolph Beer for an afternoon of fried foods and delicious lagers. We always find the time to grab snacks on a busy day but often struggle over indecision in locale.  As a general note, I’m the worst at picking restaurants. I happen to like all foods so I could honestly be as content with sidewalk hot dogs as I could a juicy steak from a five-star joint.

Thankfully, I’ve been using Dooble to give my decision-making skills a leg up. I can connect with Bonnie to pick a time to meet, select the ‘type’ of meet-up this will be and the app does the work for me. The app is pre-programmed with the coolest options so you know you’re getting a must-see recommendation. The price of each Dooble goes directly towards the activity you choose (a $33 dollar brunch Dooble already covers your meal and drinks for the duration). It’s honestly gives some of the best deals out there.

I strongly suggest taking a minute to download Dooble, it’s become vital to my weekly toolbox in making sure I hit up the spots that need to be seen (and devoured).

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