Scout Sixteen - Blue Favorites

Color Wheel: Blue

Scout Sixteen - Blue Favorites

Refreshingly bold yet innately calming, blue is a color I tend to utilize most in my wardrobe and my home. It’s such an easy hue to pair with (almost) anything and, to be honest, brings out the best part of my skin tone. I’ve been riding the ‘denim train’ since birth – thanks mostly to the ubiquitous Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls I couldn’t seem to let go of. In your closet, blue should be a staple. It looks fantastic on everywhere and show off a bit of personality. At home, blue promotes a zen environment and – when paired with wood furniture – adds a bold primer to build out a space ripe with rural minimalism.

01. J.Crew Microdot Shirt / 02. Abacus Wool Rug / 03. Thorocraft Mercer Shoe / 04. Warby Parker Glasses / 05. Salti Bracelet / 06. Table Talk iPhone Case

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