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Scout Sixteen - Collect London

I recently discovered Collect London and couldn’t be more thrilled to have bookmarked a new favorite. The brand is run by Woody Morley, who creates and screen prints everything in his London-based design studio. Aside from making wickedly amazing t-shirts, Collect London has launched totes, sweatshirts, and shorts. His latest collection takes inspiration from the late 80’s/90’s house and rave scenes – aptly titled NIGHT/TIMES.

The acid washed tees and totes and dip-dyed shorts are definitely favorites of mine. And if you’re looking for low-cost quality, pieces from Collect London feature soft prints, cuts, and unique detailing at a price point that won’t break the bank. If you haven’t already, check out the e-commerce shop – and see the recent collaboration between Collect and G-Shock.

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