Classic Pea Coat, Three Ways

Pea coats have always been a staple of my fall wardrobe. They’re a classic silhouette that flatters (literally) every body type. This month, H&M asked me to prove their classic pea coat can complement a variety of outfits… and it was a challenge I gladly accepted!

Y’all know I’m a casual guy, so I wanted to show off just how versatile the pea coat is for the full spectrum of casual outfits. So let’s dive right in…

Preppy Casual

For this look, I wanted a classic outfit with a little hometown flair. This grey sweatshirt made for a perfect layering piece and has “NYC” stitched on it for some added personality. Paired with a blue oxford and neutral chinos, the pea coat really pops here and gives this look a nautical spin.

And can we talk about the fit of these chinos? Seriously, I went back and bought every color my local H&M store carried. #newobsession

Fast Casual

I can safely say that about 70% of my weekends are spent running errands or working. Most days, I’m out the door by 9AM to tackle the day. Unlike my weekdays, I let my wardrobe get a little more comfortable on the weekends… think slouchy tees, oversized layers, etc.!

For this look… I’m loving that this bright, sporty tee and denim shirt combination. And paired with black jeans and a clean white sneaker, the pea coat make the perfect top-layer to get out the door quickly without sacrificing your style.

Dressy Casual

Dressy casual may sound like an oxymoron but it’s the category most of my “night out” wardrobe stems from. In this look, I love how the pea coat snags an artistic edge with the color-blocked sweater and coordinated chino. Most of you know I could live in green-and-black tones for the rest of time, so this look was definitely one of my favorites.

To note, this sweater was insanely comfortable. If you’re looking for some work-appropriate layers to add into your fall wardrobe – this sweater (and loads of other H&M knits) is a must-have!

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I’ve been so excited to partner up with H&M on this challenge and managed to find some looks that I plan to repeat throughout the next few months! If you’re looking for a little upgrade for your fall favorites definitely pop into your nearest H&M or shop their extensive catalog of products online. Your closet and your wallet will thank you… trust me!

Thanks to H&M for sponsoring this post. All viewpoints expressed here are mine and do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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