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Scout Sixteen - Fossil Q Nate Scout Sixteen - Fossil Q Nate

Few things put a smile on my face more than spending time with my closest friends. I mean… c’mon… you can’t beat quality time with someone who just gets you (and bonus points if you both make each other laugh uncontrollably).

I met my best friend Serena Goh four years ago through some mutual friends. Even from our first conversation, I knew we were going to be stuck like glue. She’s smart, driven, and has a wicked sense of humor. We’ve been nearly inseparable in the years since we’ve met and I couldn’t be more thankful to have a friend like her in my life. We share a long list of similarities and similar interests, but it’s our differences that really solidify our bond. Where I’m weak, she’s strong. Where she falls behind, I pick up the slack and vice versa. Perfect friendship? Pretty close to it!

I was so stoked when Fossil tapped Serena and I to showcase how we infuse technology into our daily style (and friendship) with some of their latest connected timepieces in the Fossil Q series. One of our favorite photographers, Masha Maltsava, to capture us zooming through our day together – a couple of meetings, some shopping, and a coffee break in Soho.

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I thought what better way to round out this fun project than to have Serena interview me to explore my style, recall some of our favorite memories, and even uncover a few things she never knew. [wink]

SG: How would you describe your style? 

JL: I’d say I’m casual and classic with a twist. I always dress in fairly neutral pieces but like to add a little personality with a bandana or a few pins. Basically, I dress for the weekend, every day.

SG: Tell me about this outfit!

JL: I paired some of my favorite wardrobe staples (a camel coat, a denim jacket, white sneakers) with a backwards cap and my Fossil Q ‘Nate’ Smart Watch. This outfit is very me. I love clean lines and a classic silhouette, so neutral layering really appeals to me.

SG: What drew you to the Fossil Q ‘Nate’ Smart Watch?

JL: Well… aside from the fact that it’s an incredibly handsome timepiece, I really liked that it gave me everything at a glance. When I’m running around day between meetings, I don’t always have time to be checking my phone. The Fossil Q Nate keep my calendar and notifications on hand so I can keep my focus on getting through the day. And for truly selfish reasons, I love that the smart technology in the watch allows me to remotely deploy my camera for the perfect selfie (LOL).

SL: I know you love a good selfie. Any tips on capturing the perfect one?

JL: I’d say my selfies are far from perfect but good natural lighting is the first and most important step. Also, think of something funny just before you snap the photo so your smile looks genuine.

SG: I know you get a lot of emails from readers and followers who you’ve inspired to start their own blogs. Any advice for someone starting out in the blogging business? 

JL: The most important thing to remember when starting a blog is you want your content to reflect you at all times. Have fun with it and write about what makes you happy… you’ll naturally show off a lot of authenticity because it’s something you love. Readers can sniff out inauthentic passion really quickly! Also, keep a good cadence to your schedule… if you blog twice a week, stick with that! If you blog 5 times a week, stick with that!

SG: Okay! Let’s finish off with a few rapid fire questions… favorite snack spot in New York City?

JL: I absolutely love Davey’s Ice Cream in the East Village. They offer unique flavor combinations (like “the Sunday Brunch” – Maple Ice Cream with Cinnamon Bun Pieces and Bacon Bits) that make it hard to say no!

SG: Dream travel destination?

JL: Nepal. Hands down.

SG: Dream dinner guest (alive or dead)?

JL: Tough one! I’d love to pick Martin Scorsese’s brain. Or maybe Kristen Wiig, just for the laughs.

SG: Favorite trait about yourself?

JL: I’m hella passionate.

SG: Favorite trait about me?

JL: The most driven person I know. Plus, you’re an insanely good cook.

SG: Favorite memory from our friendship?

JL: Honestly, just about any night when we’ve been traveling together. All we do is laugh.

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See Serena’s post here. And be sure to check out the full range of Fossil Q timepieces here.

Sponsored by Fossil Group, Ind. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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