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When I was in elementary school, I would write, edit, and bind construction paper “books” filled with stories from other worlds, fictional love stories, or lists of why my sister was the most annoying. My family would entertain my self-publishing interested by paying the exorbitant $5 price tag as I hawked the books at the dinner table.

While my stories have matured, I haven’t lost my desire to see my work published. Until recently, I hadn’t realized there was an efficient (and inexpensive) way to publish my work. That was until I discovered Blurb.

As a part of their Roadshow, Blurb and Food Book Fair partnered together for the inaugural event of a wonderful new series called “Food Book Party,” where innovators, game-changers, and icons in the food and publishing industries gather to dissect delectable topics with a cultural angle.

At the event (titled “Gay Food 101”), I got to see Blurb’s incredible business model first-hand. If you’re not familiar, Blurb offers creators (of any level) a platform to self-publish their work for a fraction of the cost. Through an easy-to-use ***design interface***, Blurb makes self-publishing a breeze!

While Blurb can turn any idea into a finished product, it’s the food-related content that really shines. Think about the hundreds of recipes your family has passed around, or all the delicious plates you so artfully captured on your Instagram, or maybe you’re a whiz with cocktails… whatever your flavor, Blurb can easily (and inexpensively) offer a solution to seeing your creations in print.

I’ve already started planning out my first self-published piece – after playing around with some of Blurb’s creator tools, I know this is going to be a breeze! So what are you going to make first? You very well may be sitting on the next million-dollar book idea! You’ll never know until you try it… *wink*


This post was sponsored by Blurb, but all opinions contained within are my own. To learn more about Blurb and start crafting your ingenious self-published creation today, click here.

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