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While I spend most of my “blogging hours” honing my photography or writing new posts, another big chunk is spent with a cup of coffee perusing the blogs of some of my favorite peers. Because you can only have so many folder on your bookmarks bar before it looks sinister, I rely heavily on Bloglovin’ to keep my favorites organized in one place! I’ll never miss a must-see post or pass over a need-to-try DIY because Bloglovin’ lets me know when new posts have arrived from the blogs I follow.

They recently released an award-winning app – for both iPhone and Android – that makes reading blogs “on the go” a possibility. If you haven’t already, download it today. Now, you can keep all your favorites in your pocket, accessible any time.

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Scout Sixteen is a lifestyle blog from Justin Livingston. Justin grew up in Mississippi but relocated to New York City in 2008. On Scout Sixteen, Justin shares his passion in fashion, travel, food and drink, and mental wellness.