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Scout Sixteen - Raymond Weil Scout Sixteen - Raymond Weil Scout Sixteen - Raymond Weil Scout Sixteen - Raymond Weil Scout Sixteen - Raymond Weil Scout Sixteen - Raymond Weil

Timepieces have always been an important part of my story. My father and my grandfather (and quite possibly many generations back) were rarely seen without one of their favorite watches on. For most guys, watches, like shoes or ties, are as much about expressing your personality as they are about providing functionality. I received my first hand-me-down timepiece from my grandfather and, like a beloved memory, I can’t wear it without thinking of him.

I recently had the chance to test-drive Raymond Weil’s Freelancer Piper watch, a uniquely handsome collaboration with Piper Aircraft. If owning your own plane is the ultimate luxury status symbol, then this Freelancer Piper is a step in the right direction. Raymond Weil has taken cues from the dashboard of an aircraft and transformed them into beautiful (and functional) complications within the Freelancer Piper. From an altimeter-inspired sub-seconds counter to a handset taking cues from the rotor blades at the front of a plane, this timepiece is crafted for the flight enthusiast (or at least those of us who like to pretend we’re pilots). Sound effects not included.

With only 1,500 pieces made of the Freelancer Piper, rest assured that this would make an incredibly handsome and unique gift for someone extra special in your life (or maybe just yourself because, let’s be honest, you deserve it). Besides, you can’t get much finer than Raymond Weil. With an incredible catalog of holiday-perfect gifts, you’re going to end up trying to collect them all.

Check out the full collection here. You can also see the Raymond Weil holiday gift guide for more inspiration for last-minute gifts!

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