Freakin’ Weekend / 02

What are you up to this weekend? I’m headed to the beach tomorrow for some much-needed time in the sun. Honestly, my skin is starting to take on a ghostly pallor and this is just not good on many different levels. Aside from a seaside day-trip, I’m planning to see an afternoon movie on Sunday. I’m thinking Boyhood… thoughts?

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

Holy YES. A teaser poster has been released for 2015’s Jurassic World.

One of my tips to better summer skin? This product.

Weird food combinations you have to try.

And now pictures of Ben Affleck as the new Batman.

We need more things like this in our world.

Vans created cork shoes. And they are awesome.

Recreating iconic logos… with bike parts.

Iced Tea + Margaritas? My worlds have collided.

This is a circle. Wait, no it’s not!

Don’t read through this reddit thread before bed. Scary stuff.

Interchangeable eyewear? Bring it on!

This collection from Dolce & Gabbana has me wanting to travel.

I definitely need to stay here on my next trip to Paris.

This cover of Sia’s Chandelier by Sara Bareilles is unreal.

Snagged myself a couple of things from this MyHabit sale.

Looking to get away but not sure where? Try this out.

(Photo credit: The CWST)

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