Yes Way, Rosé

Sundays have always been (and will always be) my favorite day of the week. Sure – its proximity to Monday has never been a selling point but the way I see it, knowing that only 24 short hours remain of your weekend means you unconsciously ease into RELAX mode. Sundays are reserved for hand-crafted brunches, rom-com marathons on the couch, or a post-hangover walk around the neighborhood… basically anything that doesn’t require more than a handful of brain cells.

In keeping with true Sunday fashion, this past weekend I invited some friends over for a two-part wine and cheese party. We started in my living room with chardonnay and a traditional crudité and cheese platter… because why not start with the classics, right? But what followed was the real fun… we moved to the roof with a couple large cheese pizzas and a big box of dry rosé.

You might be thinking, “a box of rosé… really?” but I kid you not – BOTA BOX is my new obsession! Gone are the days when boxed wines were little more than adult juice packs. BOTA is a company that offers award-winning brand vintage-dated varietals in convenient, better-for-the-environment packaging. Because of their unique (100% recyclable!) packaging, which eliminates light and air, Bota wines can stay fresh for up to a month!

Oh, and did I mention… one BOTA BOX is equivalent to four 750ml bottles. Yes, FOUR. I mean… dream come true! They also have the Bota Box MINI –  equivalent to about three glasses of wine. The MINI is small and portable so they’re easy to bring to outdoor gatherings or weekend picnics.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out BOTA yet, you better get to it. BOTA is available at most wine and spirit retailers. For a full list of stockists in your area, search here.

This post was sponsored by BOTA. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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