From Paris, With Love

This post is in partnership with Olympus.

Last year, I got the opportunity to visit a handful of amazing destinations that I thought would only ever remain unchecked boxes on my bucket list. In the excitement of savoring some of the larger agenda items during these experiences, I forgot to catalog and photograph some of the smaller, more bite-sized parts of the trip. These small yet still extraordinary experiences are as important to helping me remember the narrative as those others that were fueled by adrenaline.

As part of my on-going partnership with the brand, Olympus challenged me with a question: “How do you plan to use photography to better capture highlights/moments in 2018?” Since I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with the Olympus Pen-F over the last several months, I’ve come to love how this small, retro camera packs one giant punch!


It may sound silly but I honestly think the Pen-F was designed for me in mind… or at least, fate stepped in to play customer service rep because the Pen-F is everything I needed in grab-and-go travel gear. I can’t always lug my massive DSLR and lenses around, so the Pen-F’s light frame (and in-body image stabilization) make it a breeze for street photography… which y’all know is 99% of my shots J

As part of my challenge to use the Pen-F to help me savor some of those smaller moments while on the road, I brought it with me to Paris and snapped away at the minutiae I wanted to remember from a day in the City of Light, like: my carb-heavy lunch with friends at Popolare, the dark and deserted shopping alley I ducked into when it started to rain, and the soft velvety green sofa of my dreams where I spilled espresso all over my cream trousers.

I realize these moments might sound like anything but momentous but it’s these silly little snack-able moments that help round out the larger story!

I want to challenge each of you to do the same: savor the little moments and catalog them. Your next trip down memory lane will feel much more complete… believe me!

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