The 10: Travel Destinations You’ll Want To Book in 2019

Travel is, hands down, one of the most exciting perks of being alive. No matter who you are, what your income, or which destinations you prefer, it’s human nature to want to explore beyond the boundaries of your bubble. How exciting is it to save up and splurge on an experience that broadens your horizons or opens you up to another level of fun? The best!

I wanted to compile a list of the destinations I’d like to tick off my bucket list next year and I know y’all will want to, as well. We’ve done Tulum, we’ve partied in Ibiza… but how about El Nido in the Philippines -or- the Faroe Islands? Without futher ado, here are the 10 Travel Destinations that I (and you) will wanna get on the calendar…

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

(pictured above) The primary base for exploring Bacuit Archipelago, El Nido offers incredibly exciting bar scene in a town nestled among gorgeous limestone cliffs. Hang up that yoga mat, because a week here is all the zen you’ll need!

Language Spoken: Filipino, English

Price Point: $$

Vancouver, Canada

Not just a pretty face, Vancouver offers walkable neighborhoods, memorable dining delights, and outdoor activities in some of the most Instagram-worth spots this side of the Atlantic.

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese, French

Price Point: $$

Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA

Tucked into Arizona’s Navajo Reservation, this hidden canyon is a photographer’s playground offering up an array of mind-bending curves and colors that would make even Crayola jealous.

Language Spoken: English

Price Point: $

Stockholm, Sweden

Excitingly modern and in a near-constant evolution, Stockholm is an oasis in Scandanvia. Boasting a rich history, travelers of any preference will find activities to sate their travel appetites!

Language Spoken: Swedish, English

Price Point: $$

Hamilton, Bermuda

Like a painter’s palette, Hamilton bewitches with its pastel-colored houses and stately mansions brimming with lush greenery. And if you haven’t been, Bermuda is an exciting destination that can cater to any budget!

Language Spoken: English

Price Point: $$$$


Cape Town, South Africa

From the sea to the sky, Cape Town is known for its jaw-dropping landscapes, exotic safaris and rich cuisine. While flights from North America are lengthy (at nearly 21 hours), this experience is well worth the trek!

Language Spoken: English, Afrikaans

Price Point: $$

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a timeless destination that any traveler would be lucky to visit. This city offers a fusion of ancient tradition and modern life that feels so natural you’ll never want to leave!

Language Spoken: Japanese

Price Point: $$$

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Often called the “mysterious islands,” the Faroe Islands are just a short flight from the UK but is often overlooked by travelers seeking more modern destinations nearby. Networks of footpaths criss-cross through layered mountain tops and offer up views you won’t find anywhere else!

Language Spoken: Faroese, Danish, English

Price Point: $

Paros, Greece

Primarily a ferry hub, Paros is a must-visit for any traveler looking for fashionable resort towns and rural villages in one destination. Its old-world sea-side charm is apparent from the moment you arrive!

Language Spoken: Greek, English

Price Point: $$

Lake Como, Italy

This hidden region is shaped like a Y and brings together three major lakes, which provides travelers with beautiful shorelines, exquisite vistas and a bevy of ancient villas! Swoon!

Language Spoken: Italian, English

Price Point: $$

Photo Credits: Palawan Photo: @haylsa IG / Antelope Canyon Arizona USA  / Paros island – Greek Islands Photo: @danielssonphotography / Lake Como Photo: Lake Como Holiday / Faroe Islands Photo: Great Travel Pictures / Tokyo Japan Photo: Tumblr / Vancouver Canada Photo: Bamboo Livingroom Decor Blog / Stockholm Sweden Photo: VisitStockholm

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