Scout Sixteen - Winter Chill

Winter Chill

Scout Sixteen - Winter Chill

I’m not excellent at a lot of things, like winning a drinking contest or using my “inside voice,” but I am quite good at dressing myself. Before you write me off as some egoist, hear me out. I mean to say, I’m no style savant but I know what makes me feel (and in turn, look) good. I’ve always been a casual dresser – that’s my schtick. And you can bet your ass there are few occasions that drag me out of that extremely comfortable comfort zone. If there’s a loophole, I’ll find it.

Black tie-affair? Perfect! I’ll pair slick black denim with a white button-down and wicked ceramic bow tie.

I landed the job interview? I’m going to kick ass in my geeky glasses and J.Crew separates.

My style is an extension of my personality. I’ll always be the casual boy-next-door type; I don’t ruffle feathers but I know what I know. I think that is how style should feel. I want a passerby to see me on the street and think, “I get who he is”. It’s about not trying to be anybody other than myself, because why would I want to?

I guess what I’m trying to say in this nonsensical babble is I’ll always be casual because that is who I am, so I hope that you guys are doing the same thing – be yourself, express yourself, and OWN IT.
J.Crew Shirt Jacket / Fox Shockbolted Long Sleeve Shirt / Scotch & Soda Black Denim / Generic Scarf / Nike Sneakers / Baggu All-Weather Weekender / Topman Beanie

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