Olympus Pen-F Vintage Inspired Camera - Justin Livingston

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New York City’s East Village neighborhood has been my home for the last 6 years – and truthfully, it’s become such an important part of my identity with its vintage grit and penchant for low-key, world-ranked eateries. To the untrained eye, the East Village may feel chaotic and disheveled, but there under its grungy exterior lies truly hidden gems – spots that give the East Village its Cinderella story.

As part of my ongoing partnership with Olympus (and their incredible Olympus Pen-F), I thought it would be fun to take you guys on a mini-tour of my neighborhood and call out a few can’t-miss destinations that will make any stroll through the East Village worthwhile! If you haven’t seen my other articles featuring the Olympus Pen-F, check them out here and here.

(And no stroll through the East Village is complete without a pup sidekick… thankfully I’ve got my godDOGhter Luna to keep me company!)

Olympus Pen-F Vintage Inspired Camera - Justin Livingston
MUD Café307 East 9th Street – This bunch spot puts a twist on your favorite breakfast staples , like almond-encrusted french toast and the strawberry avocado toast. They’re cash only, so be sure to stop by an ATM before heading over!

Olympus Pen-F Vintage Inspired Camera - Justin Livingston
FERNS166 1st Avenue – A newer addition to the neighborhood, FERNS has become a go-to happy hour spot for young professionals looking to unwind after work, as well as a moody hot-spot for dinner or late-night dates.

Olympus Pen-F Vintage Inspired Camera - Justin Livingston
Goodnight Sonny’s134 1st Avenue – Opened by the same folks behind East Village bar staple The Wayland, Goodnight Sonny’s has some of the tastiest season cocktails in town. The restaurant also offers a raw bar, sandwiches, and – most importantly – a gorgeous (very Instagram-worthy) interior.

Olympus Pen-F Vintage Inspired Camera - Justin Livingston
Ladybird 111 East 7th Street – Not only is this spot absolutely gorgeous, but their creative vegetarian small plates and cocktails will keep you coming back again and again!

Olympus Pen-F Vintage Inspired Camera - Justin Livingston
Three Seat Espresso & Barber137 Avenue A – This Aussie-owned coffeehouse and barbershop is a perfect one stop shop for all ages. Don’t be alarmed if it looks familiar, you’ve probably seen the marble tables and yellow tableware all over Instagram.

Empellon Al Pastor New York City East Village Tacos Margaritas
Empellon Al Pastor132 St. Marks Place –  Some of the best tacos and margaritas around town. Hands down.

S’MAC – 197 1st Avenue – Get your cheese fix at Sarita’s Mac & Cheese (affectionately called S’MAC). An awesome place for hungry groups or for a mid-day weekend snack. Choose from one of their 10 favorite concoctions or make your own!

Veniero’s Pastry 342 East 11th Street – This Italian bakery dating back to 1894 is one of my favorite places to take visitors. Their confections are some of the tastiest around and they offer almost everything in both large and mini versions. (The mini tarts are my go-to!)

East Village Nurseries mostly around East 10th Street – The East Village offers fun for the green thumbs, as well. Spots like Crystal Gardens, East Village Florist, and Saifee Garden stock plants and trees of all shapes and sizes!

All of these images were shot on my Olympus PEN-F. This vintage-inspired powerhouse is compact enough to tote around all day but powerful enough to capture images that rival most top-market professional DSLR’s! To find out more information about the Olympus PEN-F, click here.

This post was sponsored by Olympus. All the opinions and messaging here are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor.


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