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Scout Sixteen - True Blue Scout Sixteen - True BlueScout Sixteen - True Blue

I’ll always be an advocate of denim. Growing up in Mississippi, it was the staple in my everyday wardrobe. Denim pairs as easily with a button-down for work as it does a sweatshirt for weekend errands. But I’ll always opt for a more casual approach, as any avid reader of Scout Sixteen will attest.

I didn’t have any meetings today so this is my “neighborhood errands” look but it could work well for any weekend activities, too. I paired my True Religion jeans with a vintage plaid shirt and Birkenstocks for a little 90’s spice. I’ve been loving this pair of denim (named the ‘Ricky‘) because it’s slim in the waist but gives a bit of room in the legs – plus it’s insanely comfortable! I like rolling my jeans to provide even more breathability on those sweltering, summer days.

If you struggle finding a good fit in your denim repertoire, look no further. True Religion actually recently released twelve new ‘Core Fits‘ inspired by denim disrupted by innovation. They’ve refined and redefined the classic True Religion flavor with a minimal twist… a trait I certainly value in my denim. What do you think? Which pair would you wear?

True Religion Jeans / Vintage Plaid / Uniqlo T-Shirt / Birkenstock Sandals

Scout Sixteen - True Blue Scout Sixteen - True Blue Scout Sixteen - True Blue


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