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Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons

It’s no secret that I travel quite a lot. It’s been both the blessing and curse in my career. I’ve gotten to see the world but constantly packing, unpacking, and repacking has always been a pain point for me, especially on short journeys. Until recently, the struggle was finding a streamlined way to get out of the house fast, since a great many of my trips are as short as 24 hours.

Enter, Lo & Son’s ‘The Cambridge’ laptop and carry-on bag.

This bag is a literal game changer for me. It’s crafted from premium (globally-sourced!) materials and designed with the commuter or short-term traveler in mind. Gone are the days of worrying that my essentials aren’t neatly organized – The Cambridge bag has taken the guesswork out of packing by offering an array of pockets, flaps, and straps to make my travel experience not only efficient but also fun.

A few of my favorite travel magazines always suggest having a “go bag” – a pre-packed piece of luggage that you can (literally) just grab and go with. Larger duffles and trekking backpacks never worked for my shorter trips because they offered too much space, which meant I was apt to over-pack… and lord knows I’m apt to do that!

On my recent day-trip down to Mexico, I had only 30 minutes to organize and get out the door. I had pre-packed my Lo & Sons bag with an outfit change, a few toiletries, and my tech accessories. I was able to come home, shower, grab my bag, and head to the airport in under a half hour – pretty incredible, right?

I can’t say enough about this piece. It’s stylish, comfortable, and, honestly, made my trip down to Mexico a breeze! If you’re looking for the next fashion-forward, tech-savvy company reinventing travel – Lo & Sons is it.

You can check out their full range of travel accessories here.

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