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Recently I had the opportunity to check out the latest and greatest from Gillette at one incredibly fun event! To support their “One Size Does Not Fit Every Man” campaign, Gillette transformed Slate NY (one of my favorite event spaces in the City) into a handsome, interactive experience where guests could enjoy a scruff shape-up at one of the shaving stations using one of Gillette’s five new and upgraded razors, sip on a custom cocktail at the Fusion5 bar, or snag a pack-your-own dopp kit with shaving essentials.


Gillette has always taken steps to provide men of all ages and shaving preferences with an outstanding shaving experience. With a century of scientific research under their belt when it comes to men and their shave, Gillette knows one size really doesn’t fit all (despite what you may see in the store aisle). This year they’ve taken that knowledge even further by creating an innovative range of razors that focus on the needs of every man – including skincare concerns, hair type, lifestyle, and price point! Gillette knows that one size “does not fit all” when it comes to razors, and that’s why they offer options that meet the shaving and budget needs of every guy!!

At the event, I got the chance to test out three of their newest offerings: the Gillette3, the Gillette5, and the Gillette Sensor3 Cool. It was hard to choose a favorite but I loved that the Gillette3 was a perfect companion for a shower shaver (like me!) with its 360º Aqua Grip handle. It also features 3 blades, a front pivot, and 10 microfins… plus it left my skin feeling incredibly soft!

If you’re a guy who wants to upgrade your shaving routine, then absolutely point your arrows toward Gillette’s newest line of products. They’ve gone “against the grain” to give you one heck of an awesome shave… scout’s honor!

SHOP: Gillette3 | Gillette5 | Gillette Sensor3 Cool

** This post was sponsored by Gillette. All opinions contained here are my own and do not reflect the sponsor. **

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