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The Good, Underground

Tovar Clothing / Scout Sixteen

Unless you live in a major metro area, it’s hard to understand the love-hate relationship a straphanger has with the underground rail systems. Most mornings, I board the NRQ trains headed in either direction depending on my schedule. And every morning, there is some odd occurrence that has me wishing I’d never boarded: a homeless man with odorous feet only inches from my seat, the little girl who’s nursing what appears to be the bubonic plague, and – most dreaded of all – the frequent and far-too-loud mariachi bands that seem to appear from thin air.

I roll my eyes and make an audible scoff but when I’ve arrived at my stop and climb my way back to reality, I sort of miss the amusement of being a part of an underground moving circus. Like an endless cycle, I’m at it again.


Tovar Jacket / Topman Shirt / 3×1 Jeans / Neff Beanie / Timex Watch

  1. Lol! This reminds me when I was in ny on the 6 train when some homeless man made an announcement…”Excuse the smell. Excuse the body odor. But can anyone spare some money, some food, some clothes….” I looked away because I was sitting down near him with shopping bags and some leftover chocolate chip pancakes. Does that make me bad? Just thought I’d share this. Love the watch and beanie!

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