Scout Sixteen - Ten Thousand Apparel

Scout Sixteen - Ten Thousand Apparel Scout Sixteen - Ten Thousand Apparel Scout Sixteen - Ten Thousand Apparel Scout Sixteen - Ten Thousand Apparel

One of my biggest pain points during exercise is that my gym clothes often fail me. More often than not, my workout gear bunches up, sags, or ends up (literally) bursting at the seams. I was recently introduced to Ten Thousand Apparel, a purpose-driven athletic apparel brand designed for and by athletes. The no-nonsense inaugural collection (comprised of one shirt and one short) is totally fail-proof and quite honestly will be the most versatile, most essential performance apparel you’ll ever wear. Period.

I promise you I’m not being paid to say this… the pieces really are just THAT good. And they’re made with an incredible amount of innovation. Say goodbye to those stinky, too-sweaty post-gym encounters because the shirt naturally wicks sweat and eliminates odors. The shorts are a worthy sidekick by offering tailor-made pockets and side-zips that can hold my gym essentials during my most grueling routines… which I hope to incorporate more of in 2016. Round of applause for fitness-based New Year’s resolutions, right? That extra slice (or three) of pizza ain’t gonna burn off itself. *sigh*

But seriously, I wanted to show some love to a brand that I’m so happy I stumbled upon. If you get a minute, check out their shop. For under $100, you can really add some love back into your workout gear. It’s about time to retire those college gym shorts, am I right?

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  1. Justin where did you get the rings that you wear on your thumb and pinky finger. I think you have mentioned it in a post before.

    1. If you like Ten Thousand, you should absolutely test out Birddogs Shorts. I discovered them on Men’s Health. Even better product and incredible comfortable. Anti-microbial, moisture-wickening. Former Lululemon lead designer apparently designed them. My husband and younger brother both swear by them so I bought every male in our family them for the holidays. Here’s the website if you want to check them out!

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