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Scout Sixteen - HTC One Scout Sixteen - HTC One Scout Sixteen - HTC One Scout Sixteen - HTC One Scout Sixteen - HTC One Scout Sixteen - HTC One Scout Sixteen - HTC One

Not all smartphones are created equal and, in the case of HTC’s One A9, it’s clear who the superstars are. The beautifully streamlined HTC One A9 is among the first wave of smartphones to pack Google’s latest software – opening up Google’s full range of capabilities. The One A9 boasts a full HD 5-inch display screen, a whopping 13-megapixal rear-facing camera, an all-metal design, and lightning fast octa-core processor. So what does this mean for the user? Well, let’s just say this puppy is fast… really fast.

I recently had the opportunity to test-drive this model and can say I’m a fan. The 5-inch display sits right in my comfort zone, where photos and web pages gleam in full-HD quality, isn’t so large that it becomes cumbersome in my pocket (which has happened with other smartphones in the past). Among some of my favorite features is the level of security the phone offers – you can opt to use a fingerprint scanner, pattern recognition, PIN code, and more. The One A9 really adapts to your needs and that’s something I value in my gadgets.

But here’s the real kicker (and a resourceful feature for those photo-inclined users), the camera not only shoots high-quality imagery but because the images can be shot RAW, users also have full control over editing with the built-in editing apps that the camera offers. No longer are you fumbling between app after app to get that ever-so-coveted “unfiltered filter” look, you can do it all right from your camera!

I’ve already started downloading movies and music from the Google Play Store to watch during upcoming holiday travel; new flicks and hot albums are released daily in the store so it means I’m always ahead of the culture race.

If you’re looking for a phone that offers everything you need with no-frills or complications, opt for the HTC One A9. It’s user-friendly interface and sleek design make it a breeze for any mobile user to understand and enjoy. Would I recommend this as a gift for a friend? Hell yes. Would I recommend this as a gift for yourself? Even better.

Now, pardon me while I get back to these movies… The “Maze Runner” sequel just finished downloading and I gotta watch so my friends stop bugging me.

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